Testing Out Insurgency Tactics? 

Can’t help but look at what is going on in Canada in recent days and wonder if this is some isolated incident or is it another in a long series of acts of anarchy that are being used to probe and test governments vulnerabilities? It seems that such incidents are happening more and more frequently in more and more places. From school board meeting rooms to international boarders.

I have been trying to simply understand what has been going on increasingly in our state, our country and our world. There seems to me to be a central theme. That is to overthrow governments with impunity and creating anarchy.

As we look back over the past couple decades we have what seem to start as small conflagrations that ignite into full blown fires in a short space of time.

Looking at the Canadian protest and what seems to be a lack of forceful response, one could easily imagine such a stunt being pulled here in this country. It wouldn’t take but a few strategically placed trucks to gum up the free flow of goods in a short time. With a cooperating sheriff’s department, a governor who is sympathetic to a cause and voila! we have a standoff.

Covid vaccine mandates have been one of the main excuses for having such protests. It is strange how vaccinations themselves have become such a torch for the right. Most of us except for a very extreme group looked at vaccines as something good, something that would save us from often much worse suffering as an individual or as a group. 

Yet thanks to an anti-government streak that has become embedded across the world, but especially in the US, for the first time in my life masses of people are rejecting vaccines. They are not only rejecting vaccines, but the reasoning behind their rejections have no basis in reality. They are rejecting vaccines essentially because they are being told to by someone. 

By doing so they are creating an environment where those of us who are trying to do the right thing may be compromised by their refusal to get vaccinated. By not being vaccinated they are giving the virus an environment to mutate. At some point the virus may mutate into something that the current vaccines can’t stop. Then we are once again in huge trouble.

A strange side light of the vaccine refusal has been the attacks by the anti-vaxxers on the medical community. For the most part those in the medical community exist to do good. They are there to heal, to help, to try to make things better. Now they are being vilified for doing what they can to end the pandemic.

Another group who we think of mostly as people trying to do good that have strangely become enemies of the extreme right is school teachers. School teachers for goodness sake! Doctors, nurses and teachers are now the enemy to the extreme right. Somehow someone has decided that the good people are now bad. Through social media and other forms of communication a veritable ‘call to arms’ is sent out and suddenly there is a feeding frenzy on some place or people suddenly designated as the enemy.

Often there is a trial run of what seems to be an insurgency tactic. That is what the truckers action in Canada feels like. There is no criteria for “success.” This seems to be only to see if such an event can be pulled off. From there will there be another similar incident in the US. 

We have recently seen book banning go from one schools district to multiples across the US. We saw occupations of state capitols seemingly morph into an attempted overthrow of our national government. In the aftermath we are seeing state governments and our national governments sometimes apparently paralyzed to act to bring the perpetrators to justice, especially the leaders.

So now as we seem to get an almost daily diet of extreme right wing actions in some small burg or state, I wonder if they is an isolated reaction to a local situation or is it a trial run for future anarchist type action. On a broader scale.

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  1. Ed Fallon says:

    “central theme. That is to overthrow governments with impunity and creating anarchy.”

    Yup. This describes US foreign policy in general and more what’s going on with Ukraine.


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