Who Is To Blame For Our Failure To Pass Sensible Gun Regulations?

personal responsibility“I shouted out, who killed the Kennedys? When after all it was you and me.”   – Mick Jagger


There is plenty of blame to go around:  Here’s what BFIA came up with for starters.  Assign your own percentages.  Feel free to add to the list.

– Senate Republicans

– Red state Democrats (4 of them) who voted with Republicans

– The Senate filibuster rules.

– Harry Reid for backing down on filibuster reform

– Republicans for being the party of stupid

– Congressional Republicans who made it their #1 priority to obstruct everything Obama  tries to do

– Democrats who didn’t come out and vote in 2010 because they were “disappointed” in President Obama

– The vast majority of Americans who do not participate in “politics”

– President Obama, who not being omnipotent, can’t make the GOP stop being the GOP

– Mitch McConnell

– Rand Paul

– Chuck Grassley

– Conservative talk radio

– Clear Channel

– Fox News

– Rupert Murdoch

– Mainstream media’s insistence that both parties are equally to blame

– Gerrymandering

– Lack of journalism, lack of reporting on issues.

– Bloggers who spend too much time online instead of making phone calls

– The NRA

– The Koch Bros.


– Citizens United

– Republicans who don’t agree with what Republicans are doing, but are too afraid of other Republicans to speak up

– All of us.  100%


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  1. John Howes says:

    What was Gunner Grassley’s excuse for his failure to be rational?


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