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How To Un-Steal The 2020 Election

Yes this is a shameless pitch to buy this book, but it’s probably a really good idea and we’re not getting a kickback so go get the book and learn how to un-steal 2020.  The only way Republicans win is … Continue reading

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How To Prevent Election Stealing

November is coming. Prepare to vote. pic.twitter.com/43ldZvE5DN — Greg Palast (@Greg_Palast) May 10, 2020

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Stacey Abrams Retains Greg Palast Team To Fight Georgia’s Voter Purge In Court

Stacey Abrams Hires Palast Investigations Team for Massive Federal Suit to Restore Voting Rights By Greg Palast Stacey Abrams’ non-profit Fair Fight has retained the Palast Investigations team experts to provide court testimony, based on our six years of investigation, … Continue reading

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How Will We Stop Republican Election Stealing In 2020?

All good liars know how to cover their actions by accusing others of what they themselves are doing.  For example, a spouse who is cheating covers with constant displays of jealousy and accusations of his or her spouse cheating. It’s … Continue reading

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Kris Kobach Found In Contempt Of Court In Voting Rights Case

kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article.html Federal judge finds Kris Kobach in contempt of court in voting rights case Kris Kobach has been found in contempt of court by a federal judge in Kansas. Trump’s Vote Thief-in-Chief has violated the rights of 36,000 Kansas citizens, … Continue reading

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The Best Voter Suppression Money Can Buy

Important. The Donald put the fox in charge of the hen house.

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Camera Proves Mightier Than Bullet

Greg Palast, author The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, is well worth following. Charlottesville: A gun in his face, but he got the photo By Greg Palast (Charlottesville) Four neo-Nazis beat black school teacher Deandre Harris with iron bars and … Continue reading

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Best Democracy Money Can Buy Live Facebook Event

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