Bill McKibben Interview By Ed Fallon

On July 11, Ed Fallon interviewed author and climate activist Bill McKibben on his program The Fallon Forum, after release of the new book The Flag, the Cross, and the Station Wagon: A Graying American Looks Back at his Suburban Boyhood and Wonders What the Hell Happened.

McKibben said in the interview this book is the closest he will com to writing a memoir of about a decade of his life as he promotes, a place where Americans over age 60 can engage in contemporary social issues and take action.

“’Experienced Americans’ are the fastest-growing part of the population,” according to the Third Act website. “10,000 people a day pass the 60-year mark. That means that there’s no way to make the changes that must be made to protect our planet and our society unless we bring the power of this group into play.”

“We’re in a world of hurt,” Fallon wrote. “Bill’s take on ‘what the hell happened’ is thoughtful, provocative, and hopefully inspiring.”

Click on the player gadget below to listen to Fallon’s interview of McKibben. The audio is posted with Ed Fallon’s permission.

Ed Fallon Interviews Bill McKibben on the Fallon Forum, July 11, 2022

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