Congress Members Who Do Their Homework

One of the most gratifying things to see in this new congress and administration are elected and appointed officials who are actually doing their homework. It just feels so good to see a member of congress shut down some executive who thinks he can just lie or mislead their way through a congressional testimony without any accountability.

Recently several versions of Rep. Katie Porter grilling an oil executive who tried to BS his way through a testimony to Porter came to light. The man was so bold as to try to do a little ‘mansplaining’ to Rep. Porter. That did not go over well.

For those who do not know, Katie Porter was a student of Senator Elizabeth Warren in Warren’s teaching days. She learned well under Warren. Like Warren, Porter does her homework and refuses to take the usual BS as an answer. We see that in the above video.

This summer should be a great summer for watching the likes of oil executives, internet executives and former members of the previous administration squirm in their seats as the seek to BS their way out of tough questions asked by members of congress who do their homework like Katie Porter does. 

Adam Schiff, Joaquin Castro, Jaimie Raskin, James Clyburn are just a few who come immediately to mind that come into the committee room having done their homework. 

There is so much work to be done and there is little time for games. America needs answers and Democrats are ready to find those answers.

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