J.D. Scholten Is Rightful Heir To IA-04

Republicans thought they could pull a fast one and replace Steve King with a Steve King clone after J.D. convinced a huge swath of voters in IA-04 that they would be better served with J.D. instead of crazy Steve King.

When J.D. came within 3 percentage points of taking King out last time around it scared the crap out of the Republican party so out the door King went. They stripped him of his committee assignments and installed a primary opponent that they thought would work better.

But Republicans didn’t reckon on the fact that the reason Steve King was weakened was because of J.D. Scholten. They just thought King had become too controversial. They thought they could switch out one right wing extremist for another without anyone noticing. That remains to be seen but I don’t think the good people of IA-04 helped J.D. to within 3 points of King just to replace him with another Trump loyalist right wing Republican of the modern era.

I’m betting on J.D. Scholten.  Please consider a donation to his campaign if you can.


Message from J.D. Scholten

I’m so proud of how much our campaign has already accomplished.

We launched our movement almost three years ago with a simple mission: That we wouldn’t let anything hold us back from getting out to the people and bringing folks across the political spectrum into our campaign.

We knew in our hearts that this district was winnable and worth fighting for and that’s exactly what we proved. We came within 3 points of a nine-term incumbent in a district won by Donald Trump by 27 points in 2016. And this year, we defeated that incumbent, Steve King.

But yet again, pollsters and political pundits are counting us out in November. They’re saying our opponent will have an easy path to Washington because they don’t believe we have what it takes to flip this district blue.

But I know they’re wrong.

We’re going to prove that by posting undeniable fundraising numbers this quarter. A lot of folks think we can’t make our June fundraising goal of $50,000 — can you help prove them wrong? Chip in $5 or more now>>


We are hearing that our opponent, is making the rounds through corporate and lobbyist donor circles, raking in every last dollar that he can. These are the same folks who convinced him to run in the first place. Iowans can’t afford more politicians who put profit-over-people. And that’s why we do things differently. We rely on our small dollar donors and we represent the hardworking folks who just want a decent life for their family.

Can you help us stand up to corporations, political pundits, and the establishment who don’t believe we have what it takes to win and chip in $5, or whatever you can afford, to help us stay on track?

Standing Tall for All,

J.D. Scholten

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