List Of Statewide Iowa House And Senate Candidates

State Senator Rob Hogg

From our inbox: A note from Senator Rob Hogg

Dear Friends:

I hope you are safe and healthy during the COVD-19 pandemic. Below, I share a list of candidates for office as you get ready to vote (hopefully by mail) in the June 2 primary. But first, let me share a few thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a moment of survival for ourselves personally and for people across our state and around the world. Too many Iowans and Americans have already lost their lives. As I write this, 43 Iowans have died from COVID-19, and over 23,000 Americans.

I want us to survive so that we can build a safe, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, diverse, and sustainable future for all . . . after we survive the pandemic. Right now, survival is the priority.

Thank you to all the health care workers, child care providers, food service workers, correctional staff and other public safety workers, and others who must work with the public and are keeping us safe and healthy during the worst public health emergency of our times.

Thank you to all the volunteers who are stepping up to help with food assistance, personal protection equipment, and housing for vulnerable Iowans.

Thank you to the Iowans who are staying at home to slow down and stop the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the burdens on our health care and public safety workers.

Like many of you, I wish Governor Reynolds was doing more to combat this pandemic. While she took action in mid-March – by working with legislative leaders to suspend the legislative session, by closing all schools, by canceling large events, and by closing bars and restaurants except for carry out – her actions the last few weeks have not been enough to protect Iowans and will prolong the pandemic.

To address the pandemic, we need four things: (1) a strong shelter in place order, for at least two to three weeks; (2) more screening and testing; (3) more contact tracing; and (4) more medical capacity including staff and equipment. The Governor’s leadership is critical to achieve all four. You can share your views with her office at 515-281-5211 or at this web site:

You can also share your views through an online petition from the nonprofit advocacy organization, Progress Iowa. To sign on, please visit this link:

In the absence of stronger leadership from the Governor, it is up to all of us to do more to keep ourselves and our community safe from this dangerous and highly contagious disease.

Together, we can save lives, support our health care workers, and end this pandemic sooner.


Today, Monday, April 13, marks 50 days to the Iowa Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Please get to know all the candidates and make your plans now to vote by mail. While the state may still allow in-person voting, it is a public health imperative – for ourselves and for our election workers – to vote in this election by mail. Here are the candidates:


Five Democrats are on the ballot for the U.S. Senate:

Michael Franken
Kimberly Graham
Theresa Greenfield
Eddie Mauro
Cal Woods


In addition to Abby Finkenauer (First District) and Cindy Axne (Third District) running for re-election, Democrats have Rita Hart seeking to replace Dave Loebsack in the Second District and J.D. Scholten seeking to replace Steve King in the Fourth District. We have no contested primaries for U.S. House.


In addition to Democratic incumbents running for re-election, we have these Democratic candidates in open seats or challenging an incumbent Republican:

District 6 – C.J. Petersen of Breda
District 8 – Steve Gorman of Council Bluffs
District 10 – Warren Varley of Stuart
District 12 – Joey Norris of Red Oak
District 20 – Rhonda Martin of Johnston
District 22 – Primary: Sarah Trone Garriott of Windsor Heights, Tricia Gavin of Clive, and Michael Libbie of West Des Moines
District 24 – Primary: Cynthia Oppedal Paschen of Ames and Keith Puntenney of Boone
District 28 – Matt Tapscott of Decorah
District 32 – Pam Egli of Waverly
District 36 – Dave Degner of Traer
District 38 – Primary: Alvin Aragon of Vinton and Ivy Schuster of Searsboro
District 40 – Lance Roorda of Leighton
District 44 – Primary: Tom Courtney of Burlington, Rex Troute of Burlington, and Kevin Warth of West Burlington
District  46: Chris Brase of Muscatine

We can also still nominate candidates at conventions in Districts 2 (replace Randy Feenstra), 4 (against Dennis Guth), 14 (against Amy Sinclair), 26 (against Waylon Brown), and 48 (against Dan Zumbach).


In addition to Democratic incumbents running for re-election, we have these Democratic candidates in open seats or challenging an incumbent Republican:

District 4 – Bjorn Johnson of Ireton
District 7 – Debra Jensen of Forest City
District 8 – Glenn Kiss of Forest City
District 11 – Primary: Sara Huddleston of Storm Lake and James Eliason of Storm Lake
District 12 – Sam Muhr of Exira
District 14 – Steve Hansen of Sioux City
District 16 – Jen Pellant of Council Bluffs
District 17 – Jan Creasman of Woodbine
District 18 – Damon Hopkins of Dunlap
District 19 – Nick Miller of Polk City
District 20 – Ryan Morrison of Stuart
District 22 – Shawna Anderson of Oakland
District 24 – Chris Adcock of Essex
District 25 – Primary: Caleb Short of Norwalk and Ryan Marquardt of Winterset
District 27 – Cody Dilliner of Allerton
District 30 – Lori Slings of Altoona
District 37 – Andrea Phillips of Ankeny
District 47 – Shelly Stotts of Boone
District 48 – Jack Friend of Ames
District 49 – Selden Spencer of Huxley
District 50 – Dennis Evans of Reinbeck
District 51 – Jane Podgorniak of Northwood
District 54 – Primary: Karen Koenig of Hampton and Kai Trevor Brost of Clarksville
District 55 – Kayla Koether of Decorah
District 56 – Angela Reed of Guttenburg
District 63 – Carissa Froyum of Denver
District 67 – Eric Gjerde of Cedar Rapids
District 71 – Sue Cahill of Marshalltown
District 72 – Primary: Christina Blackcloud of Tama and John Anderson of Tama
District 73 – Lonny Pulkrabek of Iowa City
District 75 – Ruby Bodeker of Vinton
District 76 – Sarah Smith of Grinnell
District 78 – Kimberly Davis of Washington
District 82 – Phil Miller of Fairfield
District 84 – Jeff Fager of Mount Pleasant
District 88 – Sandy Dockendorff of Danville
District 91 – Kelcey Brackett of Muscatine
District 92 – Jennifer Kakert of Blue Grass
District 94 – Marie Gleason of Pleasant Valley
District 95 – Christian Andrews of Mount Vernon
District 96 – Everett Chase of Monticello
District 97 – Ryan Zeskey of Le Claire

We can also still nominate candidates at conventions in these 13 districts which currently have only Republican candidates: Districts 1, 2, 3,  5, 6, 9, 10, 21, 23, 28, 57, 79, and 80.

Please research these candidates and find the ones that you would like to support with you volunteer time, your monetary contributions, and your vote.

To see the complete list of candidates, including Democratic legislative incumbents running for re-election, please visit:

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Take care and stay safe. After we survive the pandemic, together, we can build a safe, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, diverse and sustainable future for all.


Senator Rob Hogg
Cedar Rapids
Telephone: (319) 247-0223
Twitter: @SenatorRobHogg

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