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Barack To The Rescue

What could be more newsworthy during the final 13 days of the campaign than President Barack Obama returning to the limelight to campaign for Joe Biden? Well, gullible media, MSNBC,  Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow both, yet again fell for … Continue reading

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Ali Velshi “What Is Happening To The Press”

The following is a tread readers app rollout from a tweet series by MSNBC correspondent and anchor concerning the roll of the Press in America today. This was written a week ago, right after Velshi himself was shot with rubber … Continue reading

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Losing Internet Neutrality: The Worst Is Yet To Come

Video @ 5 minutes We are two weeks away from losing internet neutrality. Monday June 11th is the date that the reigns of the internet are handed over to the corporations in this country. Expect them to wring out every … Continue reading

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Why MSNBC Is Moving To The Right

There are reports that Lawrence O’Donnell will soon go the way of Keith Olbermann, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Ed Schultz.

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Democrats Need Media

If you listened to Stephanie Miller Thursday you couldn’t help but hear the message over and over and over: Democrats need media. After an election that saw the Republican candidate receive billions of dollars worth of free and very friendly … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Highlighted by MHP Leaving MSNBC

Remember back in the good old days when Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow were must see TV for liberals and progressives? There was finally someone on a relatively accessible cable or network news that well articulated our view of the … Continue reading

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Farewell To #Nerdland

I knew Melissa Harris-Perry’s show would not be on much longer. It was too high quality for TV, too substantive, too intelligent. She left when they tried to do the same thing to her that they are doing elsewhere on … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions And Poetry For Sunday

Called an executive meeting with myself on the status of the quiz for New Year’s weekend. The quizmaster decided he wanted to take yet another weekend off. Not wanting to make him mad, an executive decision was made to give … Continue reading

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