Bozell Column Canceled – Who Cares?

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Got a chuckle earlier this week when news came out that Brent Bozell (he is some kind of a whiny conservative) had someone else write his newspaper column. The QC Times canceled the column and no one said anything. Bye Brent! Hurry along, now.

What it illustrated to me was that you can basically take the batch of conservative “thinkers” pour them into a bag, shake them up, roll them out and you couldn’t tell one from another. They basically have one of two schticks – tear down what others create or protect those with money. After taking two of those in the morning they become beyond boring. The only reason to stick with them is to hope something will trickle down.

For those who haven’t had the experience, try listening to a right-wing comic. All they lack for their claim of being a comic is humor. What they pass for humor is often bitter nasty shots at some poor person’s problems. As for me I will keep hanging around those lefty yet creative folks that populate the liberal side. The fact that nobody could tell Bozell had someone else write his column and no one cared that he was removed tells you how much of an impact they have.

Proposal For A Winter Olympic Event

200 foot corner lot 1 foot deep snow shoveling. Contestants would have to throw the snow onto piles over 5 feet high. Event could take place at the Games themselves or on various locations throughout the Midwest.

Branstad Once More.

Hard to believe that Terry Branstad is so out of touch with Iowans that he wants to get a pay raise while working to deny a raise in minimum wage, and his party is stalling on money for schools. In the past couple of years he has line vetoed money for the hungry and created a monster of a Medicaid program that his administration now wants to starve. He already gets his governor’s pension of $50,000 annually on top of his $130,000 salary and he wants $11,000 more? How about he gets a part-time job at MickeyD’s? At $7.25 an hour, he can earn that at 30 hours a week and finally be doing something useful. However, he better learn how to count before he starts taking customer money. He can’t count money the way he does jobs.
Branstad raise

A Question I Have Had

For a long time I have wondered who ever anointed the Bible as the “word of God.” I may get in trouble for even bringing this up, but it seems that so much hinges on this statement being true. We continue to hear references to the Bible being not only being the truth but the only truth that can’t be disputed. Not only can it not be disputed, but it is the only such book. That is quite a claim. I have never heard where the claim came from.

My guess is the answer is God, and my problem is to prove it wrong. Yet I think for such magisterial claims, the proof should be on those who said God either wrote or inspired it. And for that matter, when people were copying someone else’s writing to create new copies were there ever mistakes made in copying, letter by letter by hand? I don’t know of many mortals who could do that. This is the third question I have always had. The other two got me a couple days out of religion class when I asked them, so I dared not ask this one.

Soon You May Get A Taste Of Russia

In Arizona, both houses of their legislature have passed a law allowing businesses to discriminate against gay people based on their (the business’s) religious beliefs. So you do not have to spend big bucks to go to Russia to see old fashioned discrimination in action. Arizona will take your tourist dollars to watch hate and discrimination in action.

And As FDR Once Said

“No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.”

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