Iraq War Veteran To Challenge Steve King



[by Tim Nelson]

Boone Native Jim Mowrer Enters 4th District Race

Boone Native and Democrat Jim Mowrer, has made the decision to run for IA’s 4th Congressional District.

Mowrer grew up on a Farm in Boone when his country called him to service in Iraq.   He then moved on to work at the Pentagon, and now would like the opportunity to serve his country in the US House of Representatives.

Mowrer is ready to take on King; are you ready to help him?

Visit his Facebook page, check out his website, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @JimMowrer.

Click here for even more info.

Tim Nelson is the Communications Director for @CYDiowa and the Social Media Coordinator for @MidwestYDA   Follow Tim on Twitter @TimNelPoliSci

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1 Response to Iraq War Veteran To Challenge Steve King

  1. Joe Stutler says:

    Jim’s a great guy, a true American, and a sane and smart Iowan. He’ll make a great representative for Iowa.


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