Support Your Local Soil and Water Conservation Board

Event by Iowa Democratic Party Rural Caucus
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Join the Rural Caucus with Secretary of Agriculture Candidate John Norwood and Soil & Water Board members from across the state as we discuss how to support these valuable institutions. The role they play in our upcoming November election cannot be overstated. Learn how you can easily make a sustainable impact on Iowa’s climate, soil, and water. We will discuss the value of these boards to your local economy and for building relationships with Iowa voters.

John Norwood is the current Soil & Water Commissioner for Iowa’s capital county. He has an MBA and master’s degree from Yale’s Forestry School. His professional background includes water utility experience in Boston, as well as experience leading an agricultural land trust in grape, nut, and cattle ranching in California, There, he worked to increase the base of irrigated ag while protecting farmland from development. He has also worked in farm-based renewable energy, specialty feeds, and marketing Iowa-grown local foods. He envisions Iowa being a world-class model for community-based regenerative agriculture in the U.S. with new opportunities for first-generation farmers, especially farmers of color.

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