Turn Up The Heat On The IUB And CO2 Pipelines

Action alert from Citizens for Community Improvement

Help crank up the heat on the IUB and CO2 pipelines
Have you filed an objection?

On July 12, over 60 farmers, landowners, and climate fighters came together in Des Moines to tell the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) we don’t want false solutions to climate change or abuse eminent domain to line the pockets of people like Bruce Rastetter.

Throughout the meeting, board members urged us to submit objections through the IUB’s electronic filing system, saying they will read our comments and use them as evidence during all three CO2 pipelines’ hearings.

Let’s take their offer and flood them with comments! You do not need to live in an impacted county to submit a letter. Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

  • Access the objection form here.
  • Fill out your contact information
  • Scroll down where it says “List of Dockets” and select the project you are objecting to
  • Summit: HLP-2021-0001
  • Navigator: HLP-2021-0003
  • Wolf/ADM:HLP-2022-0002
  • You can write separate objections for all three projects.
  • Click “objection” under “submission type”
  • Attach a word document with your comment OR type in the space provided

Use this fact sheet if you’ve got writer’s block!

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