Reynolds Deeply Unpopular

I saw this tweet shortly after July 4th concerning Corporate Kim Reynolds:

Whit Mixdorf




Best moment of the Clear Lake parade: Kim Reynolds was walking by and it was dead silence. 


. So one of her hype people yelled happy 4th of July! and one elderly woman stood up and shouted NOT FOR WOMEN!

still the turkey this year

Maybe Reynolds nickname should be Controlling women Kim Reynolds?

This being said to lead into an email from our friends at Progress Iowa ( concerning Kim Reynolds:


Kathryn Kuckelman (Press Secretary)

(515) 490 – 8526

BREAKING: Reynolds 7th Most Unpopular Governor in America

Des Moines, Iowa — Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to a new Morning Consult Political Intelligence survey showing Gov. Reynolds is the 7th most unpopular governor in America:

“Iowans deserve leaders who fight for working families. That means fully funding public schools, standing up for Iowans instead of selling us out to corporations, and protecting the rights of every citizen. Gov. Kim Reynolds has turned her back on us, and Iowans are paying attention.

“Since taking office Gov. Reynolds has created a workforce crisis and doubled down on the policies that created it, by giving the wealthy and corporations tax breaks, while taking that money away from our public schools, public safety, and health care services. She’s taken away workers’ hard earned benefits, sold out our kids with her disastrous education policies and outsourced healthcare to private companies.

“It should come as no surprise that Gov. Reynolds is one of the least popular governors in the United States. She uses divisive issues to distract us from the fact that she’s a corporate sellout who prioritizes her wealthy donors over hardworking families. Iowans want a leader who works to improve our lives, not someone who only wants to tear us apart.”


This seems to be in opposition to the recent Seltzer poll that had Reynolds with a significant lead in her race. What could be the discrepancy? 

My take is that there is a pot on the stove in Iowa (and elsewhere) that is about to pop. The ingredients in that pot include a forthcoming report on Donald Trump’s leadership in a failed attempt to overthrow our government; the resentment that women and men feel against the 6 Justices that took away rights from women the Dobbs v. Jackson decision; the drive in Iowa to undermine our public school systems and Reynolds role in making abortion nearly impossible to get in Iowa.

There are many issues – her pathetic leadership during the early covid pandemic where she was the puppet of the meat industry for instance – but Kim Reynolds is not much loved in Iowa.

On the other hand, Deidre DeJear  is offering Iowans a real alternative to the ultra-partisan Reynolds. Dejear is offering really based solutions to Iowa’s problems. Take schools for instance. Instead of trying to undermine our current public school system, she believes in fully funding the system – something the radical right refuses to do. 

Other issues include once again making voting easily available to Iowans, raising Iowa’s technology level so we can compete, standing up for the environment so Iowa’s kids can grow up in a clean environment and real investment in our rural areas. For one thing health care is becoming a real issue in rural Iowa.

Iowa has a choice this fall

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