Feature Friday: Progressive Action For The Common Good

One of the most active progressive groups one never hears about outside their Quad-Cities base is Progressive Action for the Common Good.

“As progressives, we empower people to take action for positive change and social justice by coordinating a network of community forums and events aimed at educating and engaging citizens to work for the common good of all,” their Welcome Page reads. “Our core values are Social Justice, Empowerment, Diversity, Sustainability and Community.”

PACG publishes a weekly Progressive Action Update filled with ways to engage in progressive causes. Their most recent issue is here. Among the forums hosted by PACG are the Gender Equity Forum, the PACG Book Club, the Environmental Forum, the Civil Rights Forum, and the Health Care Reform Forum.

They report on significant progressive activities in the Quad-Cities. Here is a recent report about the We Will Not Go Back rally:

We Will Not Go Back! rally – After Action Report, Sunday, June 26th in Davenport.

​Sponsored by: QC-National Organization for Women, PACG Women’s Equity Forum, One Human Family-QC, Iowa Women United and others.

We Will Not Go Back! the ​Davenport rally for Choice, attracted a huge crowd of members of our community who feel that the recent shameful ruling from the Supreme Court on abortion access is a devastating setback to anyone who can get pregnant – women and nonbinary individuals. We listened to speakers and then protested peacefully by walking around Vander Veer Park. Here’s a link to the Quad-City Times report from the event, along with their pictures. Women and nonbinary people around the U.S. awoke late last week to the news that they have less reproductive freedom than their mothers did. A person’s right to make her/their own decisions regarding pregnancy has been either taken away or is in grave danger of being abolished.

PACG has always had the ability to organize new issue forums to work on critical problems that arise in our communities and country. These Board of Directors-approved groups can be created and mobilized to address areas of interest and urgent need. This flexibility is part of the reason that PACG continues to be so successful – we meet the needs and demands put upon us. We can focus our outrage and frustration into positive action. We are better and stronger together!

PACG is proud that our new Women’s Equity Forum was a sponsor of this rally – it was our first event! And we haven’t really had a regular meeting yet!

Join our forum by contacting me (click on my name below for my email box). We have work to do! Let’s go!

Alta Price

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~ Dr. Alta Price, a board member of Progressive Action for the Common Good, is also the publisher of Blog for Iowa.

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