What Is Missing In This Picture?

Picture of house floor 1/6/2022

For orientation, This is a picture of the House of Representatives on Thursday January 6th, 2022. As you look at this picture, the Democratic side of the aisle is on your left; the Republican side of the aisle is on your right.

The House was not exactly in session Thursday. Business had been suspended so that members could spend time remembering what had happened just a year earlier on January 6th of 2021. The capitol had been attacked by right wing gangs bent on overthrowing the government of the United States. 

As part of that there was a memorial for the policemen who fell in the line of duty that day.

What is missing in this picture is Republicans. Only one Republican cared enough to remember the tragedy and pay their respects to the fallen policemen. On the right side is Rep. Liz Cheney along with her father, former VP Dick Cheney and a personal security guard.    

Where is Mariannette Miller-Meeks? Where is Ashley Hinson? Where is Randy Feenstra? Were they so afraid of the disgraced president that they couldn’t expend even an ounce of true patriotism? Cowards.

Miller-Meeks and Hinson were Johnny-on-the-spot to welcome the defeated president to Iowa last fall. They said nothing as the defeated president continued his “Big Lie” about the stolen election. They said nothing because they do not have the backbone to even stand up to a fraud.

We need representatives who will stand up for the truth. We need representatives who will represent Iowa, not some tin horn wannabe dictator.

We are now in an election year. If you have not donated to Liz Mathis in the new 2nd district in her run against Ashley Hinson, now is a good time to make a commitment to good government.  

The same goes for you folks in the new first district. Now would be an excellent time to commit to good government with a donation to Christina Bohannan in her run against Miller-Meeks.  

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