Follow Blue Statehouse Alert Live This Legislative Session

House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst

Today is the first day of the Iowa legislative session.  It will be more important than ever to stay informed this session. And House Democrats have a plan for that.

Iowa House Democrats intend to keep the grassroots informed and involved.  Watch for these three communications and activist opportunities each week during the legislative session.  According to Konfrst:

1 – Every Monday morning we send out the Blue Statehouse Alert which is an e-mail of what we expect to see coming up this week.  Sign up for the Blue Statehouse Alert

2 – Every Friday we do a leader’s e-mail where we summarize what happened during the week. Sign up for Leader Konfrst’s weekly newsletter.

3 – Every Tuesday during the legislative session there will be a Blue Statehouse Alert Facebook live and Zoom. We will bring in members, have special guests, discuss trending topics. These FB lives will be archived on FB so you can still see them later.

Watch this video where House Democratic Leader Rep. Jennifer Konfrst gives an update about the upcoming session and takes questions. She has some things to say that may surprise you.

Tune in Tuesday, Jan. 11th at 7pm for our next
Blue Statehouse Alert Live!

“We are here to fight. We’re not giving up. We are ready to take this state back and you’re gonna help us. This legislative session continues our fight and things are gonna look different real soon thanks to you.” – House Democratic Leader Jennifer Konfrst

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