Peace Rally Friday

Left-Right Paul Deaton and Ed Flaherty, Vets for Peace

The public is hungry for peace, but have little idea of what it looks like or how to get there.  PLEASE come, if you can, to the east side of the Pentacrest in Iowa City on the UI campus on Friday afternoon, Nov. 19th from 3:30-4:30.  Even if you can stay only 15 minutes your presence and voice are important.  Bring a lawn chair if you wish, bring a sign if you wish.  There will be signs and handouts available.WEAR A Mask! 

Sponsored by Veterans For Peace #161 and PEACE Iowa

Pedestrian traffic and auto traffic will be heavy.  We are needed now more than ever.  Let us talk with each other and the 100’s of students we’ll see.  This is a very pregnant time for the country, and shall the birth be a new determination for peace, or a doubling down on the rhetoric of the past 20 years?

Ed Flaherty
Veterans for Peace

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