Sunday Funday: End Of Democracy Edition


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From Heather Cox Richardson: 

The story today—and always—is the story of American democracy.

Tonight, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia signed a 95-page law designed to suppress the vote in the state where voters chose two Democratic senators in 2020, making it possible for Democrats to enact their agenda. Among other things, the new law strips power from the Republican secretary of state who stood up to Trump’s demand that he change the 2020 voting results. The law also makes it a crime to give water or food to people waiting in line to vote.

The Georgia law is eye-popping, but it is only one of more than 250 measures in 43 states designed to keep Republicans in power no matter what voters want.

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The For the People Act, passed by the House of Representatives, is now going to the Senate. There, Republicans will try to kill it with the filibuster, which enables an entrenched minority to stop popular legislation by threatening to hold the floor talking so that the Senate cannot vote. If Republicans block this measure, the extraordinary state laws designed to guarantee that Democrats can never win another election will stay in effect, and America as a whole will look much like the Jim Crow South, with democracy replaced by a one-party state.

Remember when Ben Franklin answered the question on what type of government e had and he said “A Republic – if you can keep it.” Well, this is the point in history when it is being stolen right in front of us.

  1. President Biden held his long demanded first press conference. What major topic did the press fail to ask even a single question on despite it continuing to be the dominant news story?
  1. Biden also went into detail on what multi trillion dollar proposal that would surpass the recent American Relief Plan for cost?
  1. Kim Janey made headlines last week as the first black female to head what major US city?
  1. Corona virus vaccinations will be available for all Iowans beginning on what date?
  1. Vice-President Harris has been put in charge of trying to straighten what continuing headache left by the previous administration?
  1. It is still Women’s History Month. One of the most overlooked leaders of the suffrage movement, what woman wrote the Equal Rights Amendment in 1923?
  1. 40 years ago Tuesday – March 30, 1981 – John Hinckley Jr. got his 15 minutes of fame when he did what?
  1. What drug maker kind of booted the presentation of their new corona virus vaccine to America’s National Institute of Health?
  1. “It’s sick and un-American. It makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” What was President Biden referring to when he spoke those words at his press conference?
  1. “When I’m sometimes asked ‘When will there be enough (women on the Supreme Court)?’ and my answer is: ‘When there are nine.’ Thus said what SCOTUS justice?
  1. Another mass murder in the US, this time in Boulder, Colorado at what business?
  1. The murder of two prison guards in Anamosa has shed light on AFSCME’s continuing request for what?
  1. Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith defended the rollback on what common voting practice claiming it was against the Ten Commandments?
  1. New York republican representative Tom Reed, expected major opponent to challenge NY Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has resigned congress and said he will not run against Cuomo for what reason?
  1. In a poll by Pew Research, what percent of white Americans said there was “a Lot” or “Some” discrimination against white people?  
  1. Virginia became the first former Confederate state to eliminate what form of punishment last week?
  1. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy issued long term goals for the department that included longer delivery times, shorter office hours and what third pillar of failure?
  1. Sally Ride! Her name was so fitting for what her role in life was. Sally Ride was America’s first what?
  1. Which country held its 4th election in 2 years last Tuesday?
  1. The founder of BioNTech (Ozlem Tureci) said three weeks ago that the mRNA technology could soon be used on what other major scourge of human health?

background checks AHNC

The only way we will solve the problem of gun violence is by solving the problem of mental illness in Republican Senators. – Andy Borowitz


  1. The pandemic
  1. His infrastructure ‘build back better’ plans. Our infrastructure is in bad shape.
  1. Boston – She succeeded new Labor Secretary Marty Walsh
  1. April 5th
  1. Why Latin Americans are leaving their countries
  1. Alice Paul
  1. Shot and nearly killed President Reagan
  1. Astra Zeneca
  1. The 250+ voter restriction bills in 43 state legislatures
  1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  1. King Soopers supermarket
  1. More guards in Iowa’s prison system
  1. Early voting on Sunday. Maybe someone could tell her that the Ten Commandments are not part of our laws?
  1. He too, has been accused of sexual harassment.
  1. 40% (14% “a lot, 26% some)
  1. The death penalty
  1. Higher prices for services. If that isn’t a recipe for failure I do not know what else you could do.
  1. Female astronaut
  1. Israel. Remember Netanyahu cannot be prosecuted for corruption as long as he is PM
  1. Cancer

After 20 small children were massacred at Sandy Hook, President Obama led the charge on common sense gun reform. 

It had sky-high public approval.

The filibuster killed its chances of passage. – Dean Barker


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