Miller-Meeks Says Leave Trump Alone

from the Miller-Meeks campaign website.

Very Bad Idea To Leave A Traitor At The Head Of Our Government For An Extra Second.

from the Quad-City Times:  

Miller-Meeks said that if Democrats were not blamed or held accountable for violence that erupted during protests this summer over police killings of unarmed Black men and women, Trump and Republicans likewise should not be held to blame for the U.S. Capitol riot and Americans expressing “grievances” over what numerous state and federal courts and election officials have found was a free and fair election.

What the Bloody Hell is she talking about? This guy just the previous day had just led an insurrection against the government of the United States at the Capitol Building. He was very blatant about it. This was the culmination of weeks of calling for the insurrection to happen. This was the very textbook definition of treason in broad daylight.

In most countries had the head of state tried such a power grab and failed a police detachment would have gone to the residence and arrested that head of state. Donald Trump had his access to Facebook taken away for a day.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks doesn’t seem to see treason as much of a big deal. Even though the treasoner has his finger on the nuclear football, even though he has demonstrated that he will unleash the army on his own citizens, Miller-Meeks thinks Donald Trump will be a good boy.

Were it Barack Obama who had perpetrated these crimes, I doubt she would be so trusting. 

So a president leads an insurrection against his own country? What’s the big deal? What else could he possibly do in two weeks (from the time of the interview). Maybe a little terrorism? Maybe ordering shots to fired into a crowd? Nothing too big, you know?

With such a totally screwed up sense of justice, Miller-Meeks would do the district a big favor by resigning now. Hopefully, the investigation into the election will rule in Rita Hart’s favor and the district will not have to deal with a representative who doesn’t seem to know right from wrong.

Statement From Progress Iowa: (via email)

Statement: Remove President Trump From Office

Des Moines, Iowa — In response to thousands of Trump supporters attacking the United States Capitol, Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa, issued the following statement:

“Today’s riot at the U.S. Capitol was an act of terrorism aimed at undermining our democracy, and spurred on by a President who will be a danger to the American people every moment he remains in office. President Trump cannot be trusted to protect our safety. He has actively encouraged violence and there are still nearly two weeks for him to inflict even damage.” 

 “In order to protect the American people, we are calling on the Vice President and the cabinet to immediately invoke the 25th amendment and remove President Trump from office. In addition, the House of Representatives should also move immediately to impeach the President, and the Senate should swiftly vote to convict and remove him.”

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