Sunday Funday: Election Edition

  A bit of a long video. If you didn’t have trick or treaters last night because of the pandemic and you miss real humans in the White House this may perk you up. For October 30, 2015. 30 minutes:

First we need to understand that things are about to get bumpy. Dear Leader will not give up power easily especially considering his next residence may well be a jail cell. He thinks he has set up a system that will let him steal the election with the Attorney General, the Supreme Court and several governors and state legislatures set up to suppress votes like never before. If he does that will be the end of American Democracy.

Plans are already being made for protests if Dear Leader does try some of the tricks many have been anticipating. A website called has been set up as a clearinghouse for protests. As I write this there are no protests set up in Iowa, but that most likely will change.

As a bit of decompression from a terrible year we will ask some current event questions, some election questions and a couple of Halloween questions.

BTW did you set your clock appropriately? I will let you figure it out if you don’ know what I mean.

  1. Last night we had a convergence of Halloween and what astronomical somewhat rarity?
  1. Name three Republican women senators likely to lose Tuesday? (Hint: east, middle, west of US)
  1. Today is what holy day in the Catholic Church that is the reason for Halloween having been yesterday?
  1. George Washington was our only unanimously elected president. In which city was Washington inaugurated?
  1. Kanzi turned 40 years old Wednesday. Although he lives in Des Moines, Kanzi birthday is of note to the world because Kanzi is a what?
  1. Following an appearance by whom in Omaha Tuesday hundreds of people were stranded miles from their cars in very cold weather resulting in several cases of hypothermia?
  1. The island of Taiwan has now gone how long without a case of corona virus?
  1. What president lost both the popular vote and the electoral college, yet still became president?
  1. What is the most common first name for a president?
  1. Dracula is one of the most ubiquitous of Halloween characters. What does the name “Dracula” mean?
  1. Covid cases in the US continue to skyrocket with new cases topping what number for the first time Thursday?
  1. Did anyone go out and get Linus from the pumpkin patch? He was out thee waiting for what?
  1. Two presidential elections have been decided by the House of Representatives. Oddly both involved one family. What family was involved in both of these elections?
  1. The Wisconsin Republican Party was hacked last week and had how much stolen from their funds?
  1. Donald Tump, Jr. said that “No one is talking about“ what “because the number is almost zero.”?
  1. In an odd turn of events, the former head of what “Christian” college is suing that college for damaging his reputation?
  1. Miles Taylor was revealed as what author of an op-ed about “resistance within the Trump administration?
  1. How many people were hanged during the Salem witch trials?
  1. A nest of what large and vicious insects was destroyed by authorities in Blain, Washington?
  1. Name the two presidents who lost the popular vote yet became president because of the electoral college in the past 20 years?

Mohamad Safa.   @mhdksafa

So you’re worried if white people become the minority? Why? Are minorities treated differently?


  1. A blue moon (2nd full moon in one month) – first time since 1944
  1. Susan Collins in Maine, Joni Ernst in Iowa and Martha McSally in Arizona – all republicans
  1. All Saints Day – Halloween means “all hallowed’s (Holy or saints) eve 
  1. New York City
  1. A bonobo, man’s closest relative. Kanzi lives at the Great Ape Project in Des Moines
  1. Dear Leader
  1. 200 days
  1. John Quincy Adams
  1. James
  1. “Son of the dragon” or later “son of the devil”
  1. 90,000
  1. The Great Pumpkin
  1. The Adams family – father John and son John Quincy both won – John in 1796 and JQ in 1824 
  1. $2.3 million 
  1. Corona virus deaths. 233,000 is a long way from zero, Junior.
  1. Jerry Falwell, Jr. is suing Liberty University for damaging his reputation. (Quit laughing)
  1. “Anonymous”
  1. 19
  1. Murder hornets
  1. George W. Bush and Trump

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