In Contrast, Democrats Will Install Competent Government

The previous post today allowed me to do some venting on the incompetence of Republican led governments in general, and also the utterly miserable incompetence shown by the current administration. While the previous post concentrated on how the American people have been maneuvered into a nearly no win situation on Covid-19, the administrations incompetence is prevalent in all fields.

The fact is for those supporters of the current president is that you will get burned by his incompetence at some point. The only questions are what it will be, how bad will your burn be and when will it happen. Remember the bottom line on the stock market is that it is an entity that depends on confidence and consistency in the business environment. The underpinnings of the business environment have been showing stresses for quite a while. The Covid-19 may over stress the environment.

We are in an election year. As with many previous election years we have Republican leadership that has shown much incompetence and greatly hindered the ability of their administration to respond to the crises they created. They have also hamstring themselves with policies based on ideologies that actually prevent logical responses.

Fortunately the Democrats running to replace the current administration are competent, logical and pragmatic in their approaches to taking on the crises that the current administration has created or is in the process of creating.  We have seen this since the 1920s and the excesses of the roaring ‘20s that led to the crash of 1929 to the administration of No Drama Obama which tackled the greatest economic threat of a generation quietly, confidently, daily until the issues were put to rest.

We have no reason not to believe that any of the Democratic candidates could not step in day 1 and deliver the leadership needed to once again steer the country out of what appears to be a disaster in the making.

As someone once said “History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” This year 202 appears to be rhyming with 2008, which rhymed with 1932 while 1992 and 1976 also provide some rhyming strains.

As Democrats in most of the country are lining up to make their choices, let us consider what kind of challenges the next president will be walking into:

  • An economic crisis of some sort fueled by the irresponsible Republican tax cuts and spending
  • An environmental crisis fueled by purposefully backing out decades of environmental laws and rules
  • Certainly the climate crisis fueled by decisions to rescind fuel standards and other environmental rules
  • A broken health care system
  • Various crises with countries that were once our allies
  • Tense world situations that have been made much worse with bad decisions
  • The continuing administration made crisis on our border with children torn from their families that may never be able to be reunited.

Once again, this is only a partial list. All I know is that when I look at any such list I sure wish we were looking at a President Warren, or a President Biden, or a President Sanders, or a President Klobuchar, or a President Buttigieg to be the person leading competent professionals in pursuit of reasonable and logical solutions that will be the best for the country as a whole.

Don’t forget that that can not happen without your vote. Be sure to check your registration to be sure that the voter suppression laws that were passed a few years ago by the Iowa legislature did not in some way change your voting status at  

Also do not forget that once the intramural battles are over and we have a nominee that it will be time to put aside the battles of the primaries and get behind our nominee to beat the worst president that this country has ever endured.

Let me leave you with some words of wisdom from perhaps our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln:

“The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but can not do at all, or can not so well do, for themselves, in their separate, and individual capacities.”

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