Sunday Funday: Marching Forward Edition

It is also Women’s History month. Here are two young women who have already made history. Let us hope they will continue to make waves.

Greta and Mullala

Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai meet (

With any luck one of the quiz questions next March will be “Who was elected as the first female president of the US?” Then I expect the answer will be “Elizabeth Warren.” After reading this, I am guessing you understand why I do not bet on sporting events or anything else.

If our Great Leader, the Chosen One is right in his predictions, the corona virus will come and go like a wisp of wind this month as the days get longer and warmer. The Great Leader has been nearly perfect on his predictions – 0%. Shoot he can’t even predict who he is going to fire next.

Hang on, folks, the ride is getting bumpy.

  1. In a religious discrimination case SCOTUS refused to take a case where a Walgreen employee was fired when the employee, a Seventh Day Adventist, refused to work on what day?
  1. In yet another religious discrimination case, SCOTUS will hear a case where an agency of what religion refuses to place foster children with LGBTQ couples in violation of the law in Philadelphia?
  1. As Governor of Indiana, new corona virus czar Mike Pence’s actions led to a mini epidemic of what disease in Scott County, Indiana?
  1. What sitting congress member is being investigated for ethics violations to see how he can afford to prosecute 6 lawsuits all at the same time?
  1. Rachel Carson is often credited with starting what movement through her 1962 book “Silent Spring”?
  1. The Chosen One is suing what publication for an opinion piece in which his campaign was said to get election help from Russia in exchange for favorable policies as president?
  1. The Iowa Supreme Court chose Susan Christensen of Harlan as the new Chief Justice. She is the second woman to hold the position. Who was first?
  1. Why did Iowa’s first female Supreme Court Chief Justice leave her position?
  1. “She died in her prime” was a little pun on the death of mathematician Katherine Johnson at age 101 whose story was told on what Oscar nominated movie?
  1. One of the more important international car shows in what European city has been cancelled due to the corona virus outbreak?
  1. What one time movie mogul was convicted on 2 charges of sexual assault in New York last week?
  1. The administration out their new “public charge” rule into effect on immigration. What does the “public charge” rule mean?
  1. The Chosen One visited India earlier in the week. He refused to eat any of the meals prepared for him as they were what type of meals?
  1. A mass shooting took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wednesday at what brewery?
  1. Presidential aide Mick Mulvaney claimed the press is trying to do what with their coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak?
  1. Can you remember who was the first female VP candidate on a major party ticket in 1984?
  1. The Antilynching Act that passed the US House was named after what victim of lynching in the 1950s?
  1. A US Army soldier tested positive for the corona virus in what country?
  1. David Ayres had his 15 minutes of fame last week when he was called on to be an emergency NHL goalie from his normal job as what?
  1. What soft drink manufacturer has warned of possible supply chain interruptions for artificial sweeteners due to the corona virus outbreak?

Ever notice how the Americans who really hate foreigners also tend to hate huge amounts of other Americans? – John Fugelsang


  1. Saturday
  1. Catholicism
  1. HIV
  1. Devin Nunes
  1. Environmental or ecological
  1. New York Times
  1. Marsha Thurness
  1. She was voted out in a retention vote loss in 2010 due to her part in the decision to legalize marriage equality in Iowa.
  1. “Hidden Figures”  – the pun – 101 is a prime number
  1. Geneva Switzerland
  1. Harvey Weinstein
  1. That any new immigrants can’t cost the US any money for them to live – such as food stamps or any other governmental aid.
  1. Vegan
  1. Molson-Coors. This was the former Miller Brewery.
  1. Make the Chosen One look bad.
  1. Geraldine Ferraro
  1. Emmett Till
  1. South Korea
  1. The Zamboni driver at the game
  1. Coca-Cola

And with the coming of the spring we can’t forget the animals. A man in Pennsylvania records wildlife using a fallen log.

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