Sunday Funday: No Time To Celebrate Edition

Here is a short compilation of Randy Rainbow videos someone put together to promote an RR live appearance. Ah! The memories

Now that the first step toward impeachment has been taken there seems to be almost an air of celebration in some places. Let me be the voice of caution: Don’t count your convictions until they are announced. The Chosen One has spent a lifetime of breaking and flaunting laws for which he has spent 0 days in jail and paid few if any fines. Evading justice is his specialty.

Let us hope that not only The Chosen One is convicted, but also that charges are brought against all those who have aided and abetted his cover ups and obstructions. Let us also hope that he is massively turned out of office as are members of his party. Let us not only hope, but vow to work to make it happen.

If all that happens we will have a huge job of restoring an America that represents us.

Wow what a week ——

  1. “I’m a hero, I’m a hero” proclaimed what lawyer of the Chosen One as he answered questions concerning his role in the Ukraine affair?
  1. Signs of financial instability are beginning to show up as the Federal Reserve says it will continue in the overnight repurchase market through the end of what month?
  1. In a supposed private meeting, the Chosen One suggested the the Whistle Blower was actually a what?
  1. The only political group in the world that is denying the reality of climate change is what group?
  1. Following the whistle blower revelation which of Iowa’s congressional delegation joined in the call for an impeachment inquiry?
  1. What former US diplomat whose exposure of the lies behind the W administration’s march to the Iraq war led to his wife being outed as a spy by that administration died Friday?
  1. Once again the current administration is threatening to pull the US out of a long standing international agreement. What group that deals with small shipments are they threatening to withdraw from Oct. 17? 
  2. September 30, 1938, British PM Neville Chamberlain returned to England declaring there would be “peace in our time” after he signed what pact with Hitler?                              
  3. How many deaths have now been attributed to vaping in the US?
  1. What newspaper all but outed the whistle blower last week?
  1. What branch of our military was created by congress on September 29, 1789?
  1. Fox News apologized after one of their commenters called what climate activist a “mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left.”?
  1. Speaking of Fox, what Fox News host was condemned by her own brother as “monstrous” following the host’s bullying commentary on climate change activists?
  1. One more on Fox – what two Fox News hosts have been is a running fight concerning the Ukraine phone call?
  1. Indian Prime Minister Modi made an appearance in what US city with the Chosen One last week?
  1. What two Republican governors have come out in support of the impeachment inquiry? 
  1. The Supreme Court in Britain ruled unanimously that PM Boris Johnson had illegally done what?
  1. Following a second national election in Israel this year, what party leader was given the first opportunity to form a government?
  1. A UN report released Wednesday said what is losing its ability to help slow climate change?
  1. New research by the Goddard Space Center indicates that what other planet in our solar system had an earth like climate until runaway climate changed turned it extremely hot?

The key difference between the Trump impeachment and the Clinton impeachment is that Trump has been screwing the entire country. – Andy Borowitz


  1. Rudy Giuliani (where did he go to school?)
  1. October
  1. A spy and should be dealt with as such
  1. The Republican Party in the US
  1. Loebsack, Axne and Finkenauer called for impeachment. King, Grassley and Ernst have done nothing so far
  1. Joe Wilson whose wife Valerie Plame was outed as a spy in retribution for his exposure of White House lies.
  1. Universal Postal Union
  1. Munich Pact that ceded the Sudetenland to the Nazis
  1. 13 with over 800 illnesses
  1. New York Times
  1. The Army
  1. Greta Thunberg
  1. Laura Ingraham
  1. Shepard Smith and Tucker Carlson
  1. Houston
  1. Phil Scott of Vermont and Charlie Baker of Massachusetts
  1. Suspended Parliament (prorogued)
  1. Netanyahu once more
  1. The ocean
  1. Venus

So if I’m reading this right, it appears Giuliani fed Trump some absolutely bonkers Biden/Ukraine conspiracy theory and Trump just ran with it and now he’s going to get impeached.

Best. Personal lawyer. Ever. – Rex Huppke

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