Sunday Funday: Memorial Day Edition

About 5 minutes

Follow Rachel Maddow as she weaves her tale of the corruption in our current government as we see the Dear Leader and his administration bow to the whims of a certain foreign leader. Then watch as she brings the tale up to last week when a totally incompetent fool is named to the federal judiciary by the overwhelming vote of the Trumpist Party.

Among those voting to confirm this incompetent fool to a lifetime appointment on the federal judiciary? Party firsters from Iowa Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst. Party first, party first, party first. To hell with the country, party first.

Really makes you wonder what all those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country would think to see a docile group of senators vote mindlessly for Wendy Vitter for the federal bench to please of the most corrupt administration ever.

And now Dear Leader is considering Memorial Day pardons for a number of US service members either convicted of or facing trial for war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hopefully someday this will end. The sooner the better.

  1. What state was hit with a huge pullback from movie studios shooting in that state in response to the state’s passage of a extreme anti-abortion bill?
  1. How many children have now died in US custody at the border?
  1. What day did Theresa May set for her resignation as Prime minister of Great Britain?
  1. During Dear Leader’s trip overseas, he may not meet with the Irish leader because the Irish leader refuses to do what?
  1. House Judiciary Committee Jerold Nadler said Thursday that what much sought after witness is willing to testify in private?
  1. Backing Dear Leader on his tariff policies, what Iowa politician said they favored “ratcheting up tariffs on China?”
  1. 175 years ago last Friday the first telegraph message was sent. What city was the message sent from and what city was it sent to?
  1. Lori Lightfoot, a gay African-American woman, was sworn in as mayor of what major American city last Monday?
  1. Refusing to work with Congress while they were investigating him, who walked out of a scheduled meeting with Democratic leadership on infrastructure?
  1. 232 years ago yesterday (May 25th, 1787), delegates from seven states assembled in Philadelphia to begin the task of writing what major historical document?
  1. The New York state assembly passed laws that will allow congressional committees to get what documents concerning Dear Leader?
  1. What former White House employee was a Judiciary Committee no-show Tuesday on a very shaky claim of executive privilege?
  1. A federal judge ruled Wednesday that what two banks could go ahead and turn over Dear Leader’s financial records to two congressional committees?
  1. What standard basic of weight measures has been redefined as equal to 1.4755214 times 10^40 photons, each with a frequency matching a cesium atomic clock?
  1. What Democratic presidential proposed fining companies that have a pay gap between men and women?
  1. An outbreak of what disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is now listed as the second largest ever?
  1. Whose picture was scheduled to appear on new $20 bill that Dear Leader’s administration has refused to print for its once scheduled 2020 debut?
  1. Washington state became the first state to allow the composting of what material?
  1. What Des Moines democrat announced a run for the senate seat held by Joni Ernst?
  1. A fake video that is altered to make Speaker Pelosi appear drunk was posted on twitter by what senior government official?

I am not looking to overthrow the American government, the corporate state already has, John Trudell- Santee Dakota activist, artist, and poet (1946-2015)


  1. Georgia
  1. 6
  1. June 7th
  1. Meet Dear Leader at Dear Leader’s golf course.
  1. Robert Mueller
  1. Joni Ernst
  1. The message went from Washington, DC to Baltimore.
  1. Chicago
  1. Dear Leader
  1. The Constitution
  1. New York state tax filings. These often contain similar information as federal tax filings.
  1. Former White House counsel Don McGahn
  1. Deutsche Bank and Capitol One
  1. The kilogram
  1. Kamala Harris
  1. Ebola
  1. Harriet Tubman
  1. The human body
  1. Eddie Mauro
  1. Dear Leader. Doesn’t Twitter have a policy against that sort of thing?  

Pelosi press conference from Thursday. Runs @ 21 minutes

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