About That $93 Trillion Green New Deal

While our senator makes stuff up, AOC discusses reality.

You may remember about a month ago that Senator Joni Ernst sent out one of her ridiculous “Make ‘em Squeal” newsletters about the Green New Deal. Without any supporting evidence she claimed the cost would be $93 Trillion.

I wrote her asking where she came up with those figures along with discussing many of the consequences of not dealing with climate change. As expected, I have received no answer. If and when I do receive I expect there will no real answers to my questions, just some high faluting gobble-de-gook. 

Republicans often throw out wild numbers that appear to be just made up for shock value. But as a party they do keep some kind of consistency with their outrageous statements. Ernst’s newsletter was not the only place we saw the $93 Trillion price tag. That was the party line. Made me wonder who made this number up and how it became the standard crazy number.

So I went looking and guess what I found? A right wing think tank throwing some guesstimates around that they appear to have pulled from their nether regions. What a surprise.  

“President Trump’s claim that the Green New Deal would cost $100 trillion can be traced back to the Manhattan Institute, a think tank backed by fossil fuel investor Paul Singer and companies like ExxonMobil. 

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Edward Markey made waves at a press conference in February when they rolled out a Green New Deal resolution that called for the nation to transition to 100 percent clean energy in ten years

Brian Riedl, a senior fellow at the New York-based Manhattan Institute, attempted to “cost out the Green New Deal” in a Twitter thread the next day. Riedl admitted he had “No idea” how much things like “Installing renewable energy everywhere” would cost. 

an Riedl


· Feb 8, 2019

Trying to cost out the Green New Deal

Before getting to “green policies” there is a call for 

-Single payer ($32T) 

-Jobs guarantee ($7T) 

-What looks like UBI for poor ($5T+)  

-Education, family leave, job training, retirement security, etc ($2T) 

So $46T *before* Green (1/


Brian Riedl


How do we cost 

-Replacing 250M gas vehicles? ($7T?)

-Killing most of 200k aircraft?

-Replacing military jets?

-High speed rail everywhere?

-Upgrade/replace 120M buildings?

-All the R&D? Installing renewables everywhere?

No idea…but must be heading towards $100 trillion. 

Just in case you might have thought that for once the radical right wing actually did some real research and came up with some real honest dollar figures? Of course that would never happen. An honest researcher might also look at the economic stimulation that such a project might produce.

One should hardly be surprised that the Manhattan Institute is funded by the fossil fuel industry. Paul Singer, CEO of Elliot Management that lists coal as one of their major products, is the chair of the Manhattan Institute.

All of this just to point out that our senator just threw some pig manure numbers out to scare Iowa voters. Rather more likely one of her staff most likely posted that “Make ‘em Squeal” figuring no one would react. If so that staffer should lose their job. Almost have to wonder if Ernst even bothered to read it.

And Joni should lose her job for pulling horse crap like this. When you are one of only 100 people in the country with the power she has, her word must have some value. Apparently, Ernst has decided that the only value her voice has is to get Ernst re-elected.

We ain’t buying your phony baloney, Joni.

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