Sunday Funday: “We Don’t Pay No Stinkin’ Taxes” Edition

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Tomorrow is tax filing deadline day. This day always gets a lot of attention especially by the radical right wing media. They will go on and on about the poor oppressed corporations that provide jobs yet are taxed within a dollar of their existence. They will also go into spasms about how much the extremely rich pay in taxes.

As often happens this time of year we also get a list of corporations that paid no taxes. This year the list is presented to us by The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP). Note that this list is not exhaustive. It is a list of Fortune 500 corporations THAT PAID NO FEDERAL TAXES. 

Thanks to Iowa Policy Project we also have a list of corporations that paid no taxes in Iowa last year. You will not be surprised to find that the federal and state lists overlap.

There is only one thing to do as a patriotic American. Stand up proudly and shout it out: “I pay taxes so corporations and Dear Leader don’t have to!”   (inspired from this)

To ease the pain of paying your taxes so corporate and and Dear Leader don’t have to, here is the weekly quiz for distraction:

  1. Dear Leader called him “Dumbo.” What was this person’s job until Monday?
  1. Weeks seem to last years these days. Guess it was only a week ago when Dear Leader appealed to immigrants seeking asylum to turn around because what has happened to our country?
  1. Dear Leader’s administration now has how many “acting” secretaries and agency heads?   
  1. For the second time in a month Iowa and the midwest were in the middle of what extreme weather event?
  1. There may be some real fireworks next week when a highly redacted version of what document is released to congress?
  1. Despite uttering the name of this website hundreds of time during the 2016, Thursday Dear Leader claimed he had no knowledge of what website?
  1. Despite being under indictment for corruption, what foreign leader’s party won parliamentary elections in Israel?
  1. AG William Barr claimed in a Senate committee hearing that our government did what to Dear Leader’s campaign?
  1. What Democratic presidential contender laid out a tax plan that would potentially make corporations pay taxes?
  1. What other Democratic presidential contender called out the “hypocrisy” of evangelicals voting for Dear Leader?
  1. Julian Assange was arrested by British police after he was expelled from his asylum in what country’s embassy?
  1. Members of the Senate Armed Services committee were very skeptical of the administration proposal to create what new branch of the military?
  1. A bill emerged in the Iowa senate last week that would raise the legal age from 18 to 21 for people buying products with what ingredient in Iowa?
  1. Dear Leader was very under impressed after a 45 minute tour of what national historic site?
  1. What major retailer announced it will raise its minimum wage to $13/hour this June?
  1. The mayor of what major American city declared a state of emergency due to a major measles outbreak?
  1. What Democratic Party leader has been named the recipient of this year’s Kennedy Profile In Courage Award?
  1. Wednesday brought us a picture of what awe inspiring celestial body?
  1. The administration labeled what country’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization Monday?
  1. April 12th was supposed to be the day on which Great Britain would execute what referendum driven policy?

Know what? It is really hard to hate Notre Dame any more when you see what Muffet McGraw has to say here: (3 minutes)


  1. Randolph “Tex” Alles former Director of the Secret Service who was fired Monday
  1. We are full! No more room.
  1. 15    
  1. A bomb cyclone
  1. The Mueller Report
  1. Wikileaks (oh – he loved Wikileaks)
  1. Netanyahu
  1. Spied on it. He claimed the DOJ would investigate.
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Pete Buttigieg
  1. Ecuador
  1. Space Force
  1. Nicotine
  1. Mount Vernon. Dear Leader claimed we would remember the guy who owned it if he would have put his name on the place.
  1. Target
  1. New York City
  1. Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  1. The first pictures of a black hole
  1. Iran. Some fear this may be regarded as a prelude to war.
  1. Brexit.

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