Cindy Axne: Coming On Strong

There were some surprising fund raising numbers for Iowa’s congressional candidate released early in the week. 

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises was Cindy Axne in Iowa’s 3rd district outraising incumbent David Young by over $100,000.

Perhaps even as surprising was  a poll released Monday showing Axne leading the incumbent. While it is certainly early this is very good news.

Cindy Axne is an excellent candidate who is campaigning on the kitchen table issues that affect Iowans every day. Those issues are affordable and effective health care for every body, good jobs with good pay including equal pay for women, great public education including access to post secondary affordable education, protecting Iowa’s farms and rural communities, protecting Social Security and Medicare and making sure our veterans are properly taken care of.

While Axne is running a positive campaign her opponent is having to try to sidestep questions about promising to vote one way and then voting another. He is having to do the dance that many Republicans are finding tricky this year – that is supporting Trump for one group while trying to pretend he doesn’t support trump when talking to other groups.

Cindy Axne has a lot to offer the people of the 3rd district.

Help her out by volunteering here or with a donation on her donation page.  

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