Grassley: Trump “Honorable”

Malcolm Nance and Stephanie Miller discuss Trump administration. )17 minutes)

Yep, that’s a real quote. From the QC Times Thursday morning:   

In the meantime, Grassley’s office issued a statement that the Judiciary Committee chairman “has seen no evidence to contradict the conclusion of the U.S. intelligence community that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.” 

But Grassley on Wednesday said he’s willing to accept the president’s clarification of his remarks about Russian interference. 

“He (Trump) said he made a mistake. He apologized for it. We ought to accept his apology and say ‘praise the lord’ when anybody that’s in politics ever says they did anything wrong, especially if they apologize for it,” the Iowa Republican. 

Trump’s apology was an “honorable thing to do,” Grassley said, “Something, quite frankly, he ought to do more often.” 

Chuck, let me help you out here. Dear Leader’s statement here is not an “honorable apology.” It is yet another cover his ass lie.

What Grassley reveals here is what a total party hack he is. The current president goes to visit the leader of an enemy nation and that president disses his own country and its intelligence corps to the whole world .All Grassley can do is issue one weak statement followed by a some undeserved praise for the current president.

Grassley knows that what the current president did Monday should do major damage to his party in the upcoming elections. To many observers, the current president looked like an employee getting his walking orders from his superior. So the damage control machine went into spin cycle immediately. Grassley’s role in this is as the wise old person making this abject failure look like it was not a big deal.

Neither the current president nor Grassley looked good coming out of this one. The current president looked once again as if he was lying to try to keep the lid from blowing off the pot of outrage. This is a position the president has been in many, many times in 19 months and all of his own making. As usual it didn’t work and only added got his well earned reputation as a pathological liar caring only about his own skin.

And Grassley only added to his reputation as a doddering fool who cares only about his party.

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