Abby Finkenauer For Congress


The Finkenauer campaign for Congress in Iowa’s first district launched their first digital campaign ad and it is a good one:

The message is simple: She is one of us and will represent our interests in congress.

Anyone who has followed her since her election to the Iowa legislature knows that is true.

Iowa needs to be represented by people like Abby Funkenauer. Iowa does not deserve to be represented by by the likes of Rod Blum.

The resignation of Paul Ryan last week really changed the nature of House races across the country. Even the Speaker of the House knows that being a toady for Donald Trump is a losing cause. I believe the good people of Iowa’s first district will agree. Abby Finkenauer is truly one of them and will represent them.

Contribute to the Finkenauer campaign here.   

Learn more about the candidate and the campaign here.   

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