Sunday Funday: Goodbye Paul Ryan Edition


From the time he was born, Ryan’s life has been helped along with aid from the government. Most know the story of a young man who lost his father and then his family was helped through the social security system. Then as an adult Ryan held government jobs where he fought tooth and nail to take away the kind of help he got. Kind of brings a tear to your eye when you wonder how America can create such rotten bastards.

Now he will be off to his multi-million dollar a year telling Fox News viewers a corrupted factless side of the news.

BTW- have you heard that Fox has become a word for someone or something that is really screwed up? As In “Boy that story was really Foxed up!”

Another quiet week in Dear Leader land.

  1. Talk about being Foxed up. Dear Leader is now calling for the US to join what economic organization he rejected a year ago?
  1. The new hottest book of the year that comes out next week is written by what former government employee?
  1. In what appears to be a shot at Amazon, Dear Leader has announced a task force to study what quasi-governmental organization?
  1. A report by a Missouri House committee details sexual assault committed by what Missouri politician?
  1. Not telegraphing his moves but Dear Leader did promise a missile attack on what country?
  1. To start the week, a very well planned and executed raid took place on the offices of what noted attorney?
  1. Paul Ryan’s exit as a candidate for re-election left Paul Nehlen as the only Republican candidate in that district. Nehlen is well known as a what?
  1. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds snuck behind closed doors to sign what controversial bill last week?
  1. Last Friday was the 275th birthday of what American revolutionary, President and founder of the University of Virginia?
  1. Who returned to her Fox News show this week with few commercials to break up the flow of “news?”
  1. Analysis by the CBO last week said what will massively blow up the US debt?
  1. What mustachioed war hawk took over as the National Security Advisor last Monday?
  1. In New York, a man lost his life in a fire in what structure that did not have a sprinkler system?
  1. Senator Mommy. What sitting senator became the first sitting senator to give birth Monday when she delivered a little girl?
  1. VP Pence’s office touted a banquet he would to be attend given by Peru President Kuczynski while in South America. What happened to the banquet? 
  1. Teachers in Erie, Pa. have been given bats to defend their rooms from invasion. Last month in another Pa. district teachers were given what to defend their rooms?
  1. In Iowa, a nominee for the Board of Medicine was rejected by the Senate for remarks she had made on social media critical of what?
  1. As one Hour Speaker resigns, the previous Speaker signed on as lobbyist for what product?
  1. Rumors swirled beginning Thursday of a love child fathered by what notable American about 30 years ago?
  1. As a swipe at former FBI head James Comey, Dear Leader pardoned what Bush era operative who was involved in outing spy Valerie Plame?

“It’s hard. I know it’s hard, but I think they also need to be patient because he’s (Dear Leader) not going to sell the country down the river,” Clovis says. “He’s not.” We call BS, Sam. He has and he will.


  1. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  1. Former FBI Director James Comey
  1. The Postal Service – boy will they be surprised when they see what Republicans did to them
  1. Gov. Eric Greitens
  1. Syria
  1. Dear Leader’s fixer Michael Cohen
  1. White supremacist
  1. The Sanctuary Cities bill
  1. Thomas Jefferson
  1. Laura Ingraham
  1. The recently enacted tax cuts
  1. John Bolton
  1. Trump Tower
  1. Tammy Duckworth
  1. Pence didn’t know Kuczynski had resigned 3 weeks ago under threat of impeachment
  1. A bucket of rocks
  1. Homosexuality and the pill
  1. Marijuana
  1. Our current Dear Leader
  1. Scooter Libbey

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” – George Orwell

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