How Many Must Die? Legislators Listen!

This past weekend the nation’s children marched for their lives because the nation’s adults did not do our job to protect them.  T
his poem was submitted to us by someone who did not want her name used because she feared retaliation from those who love guns more than life.

How Many Must Die?

Legislators listen!

You spin in your Capitol chair,
going no where,
pretending to care.
Instead of writing common sense laws
and being wise men.
“Right to Own”
dominates your legislative pen.
You shift dollars from mental health
saving it for corporate wealth.
An association you choose to court
and the facts you still try to distort.
For what?
Ego, contributions and power?
Are you trying to build a golden tower?
This killing must stop.
Do we need to plead from a rooftop?

Legislators listen!

Powerful ammunition enthusiasts
train for accuracy, hunting and sport
wanting rifles for pleasure,
while guns cut lives short.
Shooting sprees with unexpected death
What if it was your child’s
last breath?
Shots fired in
churches and concerts,
theatres and malls,
schools and streets,
tearing apart bodies and families
replacing joy
with sorrow and fear.
Assassins splatter blood
on your hands.

Legislators listen!

Guns interfere with lives
and end others.
We grieve for our neighbors,
children and mothers.
While you pen trivial law
or plan escape to a resort,
slaughtered innocent’s loved ones
need your support.
People before profit
must be your goal.
No peace
until we have gun control.
Changing access laws
is part of the solution.
You better take action
if you want absolution.

How many must die?

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