Grassley Scapegoats The Mentally Ill

Maddow screenshot of Grassley

Chuck Grassley is having a few town halls this week and once again he is avoiding most of the population of Iowa by going to rural venues where he will be expecting friendly crowds. The list of his town halls is at the link provided.

This is a really good week for Grassley to try to avoid unfriendly faces. When we look at all that is wrong for the common American, Chuck Grassley is the personification.

But Chuck and his fellow Republicans have a scapegoat on this one even though he was instrumental in making sure mentally ill could get guns. Once again it is a group of people who are lower in society’s social standing. The mentally ill are also not an organized group. They are a very disparate group so there will little organized defense for them. Once again the GOP finds someone to blame who can’t respond.

Like all Republican memes there is a very small portion of truth and a large portion of bull. This is mostly bull.

The term “mental illness” covers a huge swath of problems that people must endure in their lives. Most sufferers never hurt others or even think about it. But for Grassley’s purposes they are a very convenient scapegoat that are unlikely to bite back.

Let me suggest that if there is a mental illness problem associated with the slaughter of our kids in school and our citizens on the street. That mental illness lies in those who have made arms of mass destruction easily available to anyone including those with a grudge or some personality disorder that wants to settle a score.

It is too bad we did not retire Grassley last year for our own good.

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  1. Harold A Maio says:

    “The” mentally ill and “the” Blacks are metaphors to avoid. There are no such generics, and both deteriorate to caricature.


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