WTF, Joni?

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Accidents happen. Right, Joni?

I was planning on writing this week about what a horrible week the Republicans were having as more of the veneer eroded from their joke of an administration and their Congress of fools and boobs. Even though they were having a horrible week it gave no pleasure to anyone including myself. As they stumble and bumble they are irreparably damaging the country and the state.

At the end of last week came the revelation that a wife beater inhabited the inner halls of power in this administration. While that is horrendous enough on its own, the further revelations are even worse. The offender in this case, Rob Porter could not get security clearance because of his wife beating. Seems that he may be a target for blackmail because of his actions and thus not the kind of person we want anywhere near classified secrets.

Joni Ernst wowed constituents with an underwhelming statement on CNN stating: “I’m extremely disappointed in this situation. Abuse is never OK.” 

Yet there he was, daily reading and handling state secrets. His status was not something new either. This has been on-going since the new administration came to power.

Further investigations revealed that Porter was not alone in this status. As the week came to a close as many as 130 were revealed to be in a similar situation. Not cleared for security yet still allowed by the administration to handle state secrets. One particular case is that of Jared Kushner whose incredible debt – some $1.2 billion – coming due in a year makes him particularly vulnerable to blackmail.

As if that weren’t enough, here comes the nation’s security team testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee. All appointed by this administration which looks for loyalty to Dear Leader as one of its top criteria. Among the panel was National Intelligence Director Dan Coates who said that the midterm elections were already under attack by Russia. He also said the administration knows about it and is doing NOTHING!

Both of these stories had me scared down to my inner soul. Honestly, folks we have never been in worse shape concerning our sovereignty. Not only are we being attacked by a long time arch enemy, we have people in positions of power in the administration and the congress who simply don’t care. What would have happened had Roosevelt not responded to Pearl Harbor? 

Then Wednesday came the bombshell: another mass murder in another high school in America. The 18th in a year that is only in its 7th week.  

According to John Fugelsang on his Sirius show Thursday this was the 273rd school shooting since the massacre in Newtown, Conn. 

Newtown should have been the massacre that should have moved rocks to action. But it did not move Republicans a squinch.  Some other stats here, but the point is the same – our schools that should be safe havens for our children have become slaughter houses. 

None of this has moved Republicans to do anything except tweet out totally worthless and meaningless “thoughts and prayers” tweets. Here’s one from Ernst Wednesday night. I am sure it made Ernst feel better, but did nothing for the families who lost a loved one, nor will it do one damned thing to stop the next assault. Senator Ernst:

“Please join me in praying for the students, faculty, and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as their loved ones. Let us also show our gratitude to the courageous first responders.”

As many now know Bess Kalb, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel, called out the hypocritical senators who sent out “thoughts and prayers” tweets with their thumbs while their palms continue to be greased by bloody NRA money.

It will probably surprise no one that our own Joni Ernst has had her hand greased to the tune of $3,124,273.

$3,124,273 from the NRA. 

As Upton Sinclair stated so truthfully long ago:

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”  Or in this case “campaign donations.”

We can expect one of Ernst’s defenders to tell us that Ernst has received only a few thousand dollars in campaign contributions. That may be true, but she and others like her receive millions and millions from the NRA in outside spending that benefits the congress member like Ernst that they want in service to them.

So next time you see Ernst ask her how she can sleep at night knowing that her obstruction on sensible gun control laws leads to the deaths of school children.

Oh, by the way, Senator, a friend gave me a great tip. AR15s are great for castrating hogs.

Sensible gun control starts with removing people like Joni Ernst from power. It is our government. We should control it. If 80% of us want gun control, why do we have NRA toadies like Joni Ernst in office?

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  1. mmmmikkimac1 says:

    how do people get their hands on reliable ‘sources’ to cite reference to the amount of money the NRA dontated to the candidates mentioned?


  2. Dave Bradley says:

    I took the stats from a a post on Huffingtonpost by Beth Kalb, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel and from an article from politifact. Both sources are cited above.
    If you want to know how they got their numbers I suggest you contact them.


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