Sunday Funday: Seems Like A Civil War Again Edition


Doesn’t it feel like a civil war again? This time it is the wealthy against the rest of America. the wealthy weapons are the bought and paid for members of congress and the state legislatures, the judiciary that is being crammed with very reactionary judges and stirring up the hate against races and immigrants that seems to inhabit the souls of many Americans.

Possibly this latest move to give the rich a massive tax cut by letting the poor and middle class die because they can’t get health care may finally be one step too far. But as HL Menckin once said “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”

It is hard to keep up once again. Were you trying to pay attention?

1) Who will be holding seminars on how to avoid sexual assault charges?

2) At an appearance in Cedar Rapids the current president denigrated what form of generating electricity?

3) A terrorist attack took place in London Monday targeting what group of people?

4) Actor Stephen Furst died last week. Furst was most famous for playing what character in “National Lampoon’s Animal House?”

5) June 21st, 1964 James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner disappeared in Meridian Mississippi. What were they doing there to begin with?

6) The most expensive race in US House history is over in Georgia. Who won?

7) Republican senators Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee all came out against the AHCA Thursday. Why?

8) It was so hot in Phoenix last week that what form of transportation was suspended?

9) Forest fires in what European country resulted in 60 or more deaths, many dying in their cars trying to flee the fires?

10) They are legal in Iowa now and one house in Cedar Rapids burned from a fire caused by them. What are they?

11) Unbelievable: The Missouri legislature is working on a bill that will allow landlords to discriminate against women who take what medication?

12) In her speech to reopen Parliament, Queen Elizabeth failed to mention a possible visit by what world leader causing speculation the planned trip had been cancelled?

13) The SCOTUS will take an appeal on gerrymandering for purely partisan reasons in a case arising from what badly gerrymandered state?

14) Did he or didn’t he? The current president claims he did not tape James Comey in a tweet, but what congressional committee wants this deal in a formal letter?

15) Disabled people were arrested and in some cases dragged from their wheelchairs when they staged a protest against the AHCA at what senator’s office?

16) Prior to the ACA how many Americans on average would suffer premature death due to lack of access to healthcare?

17) In his Cedar Rapids speech, what kind of people did the current president say he wanted in his cabinet?

18) Paul Ryan has an opponent already for 2018. The opponent, Randy Bryce is a union iron worker. What is his somewhat comical twitter handle?

19) The next bill that Republicans will write behind closed doors will probably be what?

20) Per orders from Sean Spicer, the press will not be allowed to do what at press conferences?

July 4th this year you will see that the wealthy will have a lot to celebrate, but few others will.


1) Bill Cosby

2) wind – Iowa is #2 in wind generated electricity

3) Muslims

4) Flounder or Kent “Flounder” Dorfman

5) they were civil rights workers

6) Karen Handel

7) the bill was not cruel enough for them

8) Some airplanes were grounded. They can’t take off in temps over 118.

9) Portugal

10) Fireworks

11) birth control pills. They will also be able to deny to rent to women who have had abortions.

12) the current president

13) Wisconsin

14) the House intelligence committee

15) Mitch McConnell

16) 45,000 – expect those numbers to return

17) rich people. Oligarchy, anyone?

18) #ironstache

19) their huge tax cut bill

20) have neither video or audio recording at the conferences

A sad thought for today is that midterms are 17 months out and Russia is still playing in our elections and there are still voting machines with no paper trails. Sounds like we are getting set up for a repeat.

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