King Once Again Disgraces Iowa


The most covered story of the week is yet another mass shooting in America, but this one gets coverage because a congressman was shot. That wasn’t even the worst mass shooting of the day. America today is so awash in guns and gun violence that a mass shooting killing four people barely rates a mention anymore.

However, since the other mass shooting of the day involved a congressman it rated lots of stories and chatter. Suddenly the body that has spent decades with its head buried in the sand concerning gun violence had one of its chickens come home to roost and it didn’t like it. Actually we should half of congress has ignored the gun violence.

Of the millions of words that gushed forth Wednesday and beyond few were as rancorous and devoid of any scintilla of truth as Steve King’s statement that much of the blame for this shooting belong’s to {drumroll} Barack Obama.

You may wonder where Mr. King’s convoluted logic comes up with such a conclusion. Remember that President Obama worked his rear end off to do something, anything to stem in some way the gun violence in this country. Who can forget Barack Obama after the horrid, horrid Sandy Hook shootings?

So here is King’s logic if you can stomach it:

“I do want to put some of this at the feet of Barack Obama,” said King. “He contributed mightily to dividing us. He focused on our differences rather than our things that unify us. And this is some of the fruits of that labor.”

Conway didn’t exactly protest.

“Of course he also spent eight years telling us all how terrible we all are and what a garbage can America was and how unexceptional we all were,” said the British-born Conway. “I agree. I absolutely agree with what you said.”

Got to ask what world these people live in. Please join us in the real world where people who should never have had guns daily shoot other Americans over the smallest slights.

By the way, as you can see from graphic above, Joni Ernst had no problem using guns against the government at the NRA in 2012:

Meanwhile the senate continued to work on the health care bill as quietly as they would work on a top secret war project. That is because it is in its own way a top secret war project in their war on the poor and middle class and for their side, the rich and the corporations.
Based on the video above Ernst is ready to blow it away!

From what Americans can find out about this bill millions upon millions will lose their healthcare. Even if you get to keep health insurance, the premiums and deductibles will probably skyrocket. All this will lead to inevitable bankruptcies and early death. Not as quick as gun violence, but effective in its own way.

The wealthiest Americans including Donald Trump will expect a major windfall in lower taxes due to the repeal of the ACA.

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