Sunday Funday: FDR Warned Us Edition

We really miss THIS GUY now!

From FDR’s second inaugural address:

We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace – business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me – and I welcome their hatred.

Well they were just as organized against Hillary Clinton. Now we have Government by both organized money and organized mob at one and the same time. Buckle up.

Were you paying attention?

1) He couldn’t remember its name during a debate and now he will be secretary of it. What department has Rick Perry been nominated to lead?

2) What guy is so smart that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings?

3) What group called a halt to Michigan’s recount?

4) Dylan Roof was quickly found guilty by a jury for what crime he committed in June, 2015?

5) Which social media giant announced a new plan to crack down on fake news?

6) There’s going to be a YUGE March on Washington on January 21st. What group will be marching?

7) According to new senate majority leader Bill Dix, Iowans will need what to vote next year?

8) The Supreme Court rejected an appeal to turn back a Colorado law to collect what on internet sales?

9) FCC Chair Tom Wheeler announced he will resign on January 20, 2017. How will this leave the party split on the FCC?

10) What once major internet company disclosed yet another huge hack Wednesday?

11) Steve King said that the new administration is still going to build what?

12) Donald Trump stated that in order to catch computer hackers, they must be caught how?

13) John Kasich, the so-called ‘sane’ Republican presidential candidate signed what piece of legislation aimed at women this week?

14) Astronaut and pilot John Glenn died last week. As a fighter pilot in WWII and the Korean War, Glenn often had what baseball star as his co-pilot?

15) High level constitutional drama on Dec. 19,1998 as the House of Representatives did what to Pres. Clinton?

16) Actor Alan Thicke died last week of a heart attack. What was he doing when the fatal heart attack happened?

17) Donald Trump has been told by the Government Services Administration that he must totally divest himself of a hotel in what city?

18) Air pollution is so high in what international city that the city has issued its first ever Red Alert?

19) December 20, 1956 marked the end of a year long bus boycott in what southern city?

20) Breaking News! Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona claims he has indisputable evidence that what is a forgery?

Remember the reason for the season. The sun stops disappearing and slowly days increase in length starting Wednesday.


1) Energy. Bet Perry has no idea what the Energy Dept. is supposed to do.

2) Donald Trump. We had a guy just like him in 2001

3) The overwhelmingly Republican Michigan Supreme Court

4) Murdering 9 parishioners at the Emmanuel AME in Charleston, SC

5) Facebook

6) Women

7) an ID

8) sales tax

9) 2-1 majority for the Republicans.

10) Yahoo

11) A wall along the Mexican border

12) in the act!

13) the heartbeat anti-abortion bill

14) Ted Williams

15) impeached him; the senate did not convict

16) playing hockey with his son.

17) Washington DC – the building is owned by the government and no elected official can be part of the leasing groups

18) Beijing

19) Montgomery, Alabama

20) Barack Obama’s birth certificate. (uh, Joe, that boat sailed long ago)

Happy Holidays!

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