Stop The King Amendment

Steve KingFrom our inbox:

Stop The Factory Farm Protection Act

A petition to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)

Please join us in opposition to Rep. King’s Factory Farm Protection Act by signing this petition. There re 14,655 signatures.  345 signatures still needed. We’ll deliver it to Rep. King’s offices on Capitol Hill before the final vote on the 2013 Farm Bill.

As a constituent who appreciates the many state laws that protect the quality of my food by regulating how it is produced, I’m writing to urge you to drop your so-called “King Amendment” that takes aim at state laws protecting farm animals. It really should be called the “Farm Animal Cruelty Promotion Act.”

Because it is so broadly drafted to take away states’ rights to regulate food and farming, your amendment could preempt a wide range of state laws governing everything from child labor, to dangerous pesticides, to the labeling of farm-raised fish. It is a massive overreach, slashing sensible food regulations, while trampling the 10th amendment.

Please stop your vicious attacks on democracy and withdraw your Animal Cruelty Protection Act from the Farm Bill.


Organic Consumers Association

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