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Wage Workers in Iowa

One of my work mates this spring was an Iraq War veteran. Stationed in Tikrit, his military occupational specialty was fueling, although military contractors did most of the fueling work. He had a lot to say about war profiteers, including … Continue reading

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I Am Bradley Manning

I Am Bradley Manning the whole U. S. Calvary is after me they’re treating me like Crazy Horse Red Cloud Sitting Bull all ROLLED into one They got geronimo down in Gitmo sayin Hell NO! I won’t go to your … Continue reading

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On Anniversary of Tonkin Gulf Resolution Let’s Say No To War With Iran

On August 7, 1964, the US Senate voted 88-2 to approve the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which was then used as the legal justification for the Vietnam War. Two senators, Morse & Gruening, had the courage to say no. They should … Continue reading

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