Coming Attractions And Poetry For Sunday

Called an executive meeting with myself on the status of the quiz for New Year’s weekend. The quizmaster decided he wanted to take yet another weekend off. Not wanting to make him mad, an executive decision was made to give him yet another week off. He will be back next week or his contract will be reopened, if you know what I mean!

Meanwhile, we stumbled on a couple of interesting videos on For those who do not have Free Speech TV on their cable can get it on their computers here. With the neutering of MSNBC by their new owner Comcast, FSTV seems to be the last bastion of progressive politics on TV and deserves our support.

From FSTV’s “Ring Of Fire”

The following is the beginning of an episode of “Bioneers.” Normally Bioneers is a half hour speech or interaction around science and the environment. I found this poetry to be captivating and inspiring and wanted to share it:

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