A Guide To Trumpspeak And Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine

I do not like putting a Trump image on our blog, but I saw this meme on Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine’s Facebook page and it is a good illustration of how things are.

Trump came to power because we have a dysfunctional media system.  And he is remaining in power for the same reason. Disinformation abounds. The right wing propaganda machine in the form of Fox News, Trumpspeak, and conservative radio brainwashes a large number of ordinary but susceptible people making it impossible to govern because there is no longer a shared reality among Americans.

How will we ever get out of this?

There used to be a media reform movement in this country. I know, because I was a part of it.  I spoke on a panel on the topic How to Challenge a Broadcast License at the National Conference on Media Reform in 2007 in Memphis.  These national media reform conferences took place every other year and were sponsored by FreePress. They were a very big deal, attended by thousands of activists and all kinds of celebs.  I have no idea what happened, but they are no longer a thing.  As far as I can tell they came to a sudden stop without any warning, explanation or fanfare. The last one was in 2013 in Denver.

It is extremely unfortunate that the vibrant, strong media reform movement that culminated in this biennial conference, so very necessary today, no longer exists.

In any event, there are still a few folks floating around here and there who understand that Trump is president today because of our messed up media system and they are doing their best to keep something going no matter how small and humble.  So if you would like to conspire with others who feel the right wing propaganda machine, namely Fox News, and in general corporate media, are ruining our democracy, and that we need to change our media ways as a country, these groups are as good a place as any to start.


You can also join a Facebook group focusing on Iowa and national media,  Hogwash! Fighting the Iowa Right Wing Propaganda Machine

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