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Breaking The Grip of Corporate Ag on Rural Iowa

Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors, Inc. P.O. Box 811, Fairfield, IA 52556 jfan@lisco.comhttp://www.jfaniowa.org • 641-209-6600 Award-winning agricultural journalist Alan Guebert on Breaking Free of Corporate Ag – JFAN Annual Meeting Factory farming has a stranglehold on rural Iowa, … Continue reading

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“That Family Doesn’t Matter” – Life Next to A Hog Confinement

“I didn’t even put in my garden this year.” You will need ear buds or headphones to listen to this video but it is incredible what you will hear. This woman describes stink so bad they can’t go outside, but … Continue reading

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Iowans Censored By Corporate Owned “Local” Newspaper

The editorial page of your local newspaper is where conversations can occur about local issues and a place where information can be shared neighbor to neighbor.  Local newspapers  are (or should be) the remedy to information polluters like Fox News … Continue reading

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Is The Drought of Nuisance Lawsuits Against CAFOs About To End?

http://fairfield-ia.villagesoup.com/p/activists-hope-to-curb-confinements/1070162?cid=2401412 The Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts was full of energetic people Wednesday for the annual meeting of Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors. The lower bowl and much of the second deck of the auditorium were packed with … Continue reading

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