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This Week: Pipeline Activist Trainings in Des Moines, Grinnell, Storm Lake

Action alert from Bold Iowa In case you missed it, on Thursday the nine farmers and landowners suing the Iowa Utilities Board for eminent domain abuse over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline had their court hearing in the … Continue reading

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Help Stop Eminent Domain Abuse In Iowa

Action Alert from Bold Iowa: Dakota Access came to our state two years ago and began trying to buy off landowners and farmers to get permission to run a pipeline roughshod through their property. Those who resisted were subjected to … Continue reading

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Bold Iowa Direct Action To Stop Oil Pipeline

  Action Alert from Bold Iowa: On Tuesday, Bold Iowa set up the #FarmersDefenseCamp with the permission of farmer Shirley Gerjets on her property near Rockwell City, which was taken against her will via eminent domain by Dakota Access for … Continue reading

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Iowa Democrats Include Climate Mobilization Language In Party Platform

fallonforum.com When I spoke at the Rockefeller Fund Conference on Pipelines and Eminent Domain last week, I emphasized that if we’re going to argue against the abuse of eminent domain for a pipeline, we truly have to get to know … Continue reading

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Bakken Pipeline Protest Party

Climate Action Now Hughie Tweedy is a farmer in southeast Iowa near Montrose, whose property is in the path of the proposed Bakken oil pipeline. On August 29, 2015, he threw a party protesting the pipeline, and thousands showed up. … Continue reading

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Ed Fallon And Governor Branstad Achieve Common Ground

fallonforum.com Dear Friends, Last month, when I asked Governor Branstad to meet with me to discuss the Bakken Oil Pipeline and the eminent domain bill, I believed that – historically at least – we had two things in common: (1) … Continue reading

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This Week On The Fallon Forum: More On Bakken Pipeline Cartel, Eminent Domain Bill SF 506

 fallonforum.com This bunch from the pipeline cartel — what I call ’em — is just a bucket of snakes and you can’t tell which head belongs to which tail.” Dear Friends, There’s nothing like courage to inspire principled acts of … Continue reading

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Eminent Doman Bill SF 506 Moves To Full Senate

senate.iowa.gov/democrats Reforming the use of eminent domain in Iowa The Senate Government Oversight Committee has approved legislation that would curtail the use of eminent domain for certain energy projects proposed by private companies in Iowa. Eminent domain is the right … Continue reading

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Calling All Pipeline Fighters For Urgent Action Tuesday

A note from Ed Fallon: Dear Friends – I spoke with State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann today on my talk show and he announced big news on the Eminent Domain Bill: Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28th at 12:00 noon in Room 22 … Continue reading

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Eminent Domain Bill Emerging In #ialegis

An eminent domain bill is emerging in the Iowa legislature. If it becomes law, it would impact both the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Rock Island Clean Line which share the issue of being merchant distribution lines for oil and … Continue reading

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