Bakken Pipeline Protest Party

Bakken Pipeline Proposed RouteClimate Action Now

Hughie Tweedy is a farmer in southeast Iowa near Montrose, whose property is in the path of the proposed Bakken oil pipeline. On August 29, 2015, he threw a party protesting the pipeline, and thousands showed up. Ed Fallon interviews Hughie, as well as Keith Puntenney, a lawyer who is working to protect landowners in the proposed path.

“My father was a conservationist and naturalist and planted these trees… you think I’m gonna let a pipeline go through here? I planted 30,000 trees on this farm by hand. This land is my father’s legacy, my family’s heritage, my sacred earth, and it is not for sale.”


To submit a petition to the Iowa Utilities Board to protest the use of eminent domain for the proposed Bakken oil Pipeline, go to….

To read about Ed’s travels as he walked along the Iowa route of the proposed Bakken oil pipeline, and when he first met Hughie, go to…. Press Next to scroll through his journey.

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