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Stopping The Bakken Pipeline – Pledge Of Resistance Now Over 800 Strong

Led by farmers, landowners, tribal communities, environmentalists and a dedicated legal team, we have so far prevented billionaire Kelcy Warren and Energy Transfer Partners from tearing through the heart of the best farmland in the world to build a pipeline … Continue reading

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Iowa Democrats Include Climate Mobilization Language In Party Platform

fallonforum.com When I spoke at the Rockefeller Fund Conference on Pipelines and Eminent Domain last week, I emphasized that if we’re going to argue against the abuse of eminent domain for a pipeline, we truly have to get to know … Continue reading

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How Many Will Sign The Pledge Of Resistance?

Action Alert from Ed Fallon Dear Friends, I hate being confined, trapped, imprisoned. I’d rather beat myself to a pulp walking across continents than spend time behind bars. But the hour has come in the fight to stop the Bakken … Continue reading

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