This Week: Pipeline Activist Trainings in Des Moines, Grinnell, Storm Lake

Action alert from Bold Iowa

In case you missed it, on Thursday the nine farmers and landowners suing the Iowa Utilities Board for eminent domain abuse over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline had their court hearing in the Polk County Courthouse in Des Moines.

Pipeline Fighters from all reaches of Iowa and beyond joined in solidarity with those arguing that a fossil fuel project benefiting a private corporation is not for the “public good.”

With a crowd that filled the courtroom and spilled into the hallways, we made a huge statement. After the hearing finished, supporters marched in the bitter cold to Cowles Common for a rally, where we heard from farmers, landowners, and Native American allies about why they will continue to fight the pipeline.

Thank you to everybody who came from far and wide to stand with Iowa farmers and landowners in court, and braved the cold to rally together against eminent domain abuse!

Between hearing attendance, and the march and rally, over 200 people participated in the day’s actions, which were covered by The Des Moines Register, Iowa Public Radio, the Associated Press and others.

Let’s keep this momentum going as we continue pushing back against eminent domain abuse in Iowa!

Bold Iowa will host a series of Activist Workshops around the state this week to talk more about next steps and teach essential skills for continuing this fight.

Come join us to expand your ability to make change and to connect with others who feel passionately about the eminent domain issue. We’ll run trainings on setting goals, strategies and tactics, and how to recruit others to join our movement.

Join us this week to find out more about how you can take action in 2017 to prevent eminent domain abuse in Iowa!

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