Stop Eminent Domain By Pipeline Profiteers

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Momentum is building to stop the use of eminent domain by pipeline profiteers. How do we know? Check out this new bill introduced in the Iowa House today that has the support of 22 Republicans.

Our job is not to compromise with ourselves, our job is to push legislators for the bold solutions we need.

Senate file 101, which would strip the power of eminent domain from the corrupt, 3-person Iowa Utilities Board, is one of the five proposed, and it’s our best shot at shutting down Summit, Navigator, and Wolf. Full stop.

We need SF 101 to pass out of the Senate Commerce Committee, chaired by Senator Waylon Brown, before March 3 to protect the environment, our loved ones, and our communities.

Can you call Waylon Brown to demand that he schedule a hearing for Senate File 101? 

Cell phone: (641) 590-0610
Office phone:  (515) 281-3371

Hi this is ___________________. I am calling in support of Senate File 101. Will you schedule a Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on it before the first funnel?

Give him a ring using the information above and then let us know what you hear. If you don’t get an answer, leave a message with the script we’ve provided!

A year and a half of fighting– thousands of people joining forces, writing letters to legislators, sending objections to the Iowa Utilities Board, holding rallies, and taking direct action is what got these bills proposed.

We’ve got the people power.

We’ve got politicians by the ear.

Now is the time to demand bold solutions.

No CO2 pipelines,

Ava, Caitlin, Devyn, and Jake
Farm & Environment Team

P.S. Don’t see your Senator as a supporter on our website? Send them an email again.

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