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Media’s Theft From The Commons

“Right-wing media have been laying the groundwork for Trump’s acquittal for half a century,” Nicole Hemmer wrote in the New York Times. “These tactics (i.e. minimize Trump’s transgressions and paint a picture of non-stop Democratic scandals) are not inventions of … Continue reading

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Study: Major Media Outlets’ Twitter Accounts Amplify Trump Lies

Research confirming and quantifying the obvious. Media Matters for America Major media outlets failed to rebut President Donald Trump’s misinformation 65% of the time in their tweets about his false or misleading comments, according to a Media Matters review. That … Continue reading

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Pints, Politics And Media Narrative

In an effort to get outside my comfort zone I tried something new. I went to a media event called “Pints and Politics” at the Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery in Swisher Thursday after my shift at the home, farm … Continue reading

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From The Terrorism Alert Desk

Reprinted with permission from the Summer 2017 issue of  The Prairie Progressive, Iowa’s oldest progressive newsletter,  funded entirely by reader subscription,  and available only in hard copy for $12/yr.  Send check to PP, Box 1945, Iowa City 52244. Sorry, we … Continue reading

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Hillary And The Narrative

CORALVILLE — Hillary Clinton held a town hall meeting in S.T. Morrison Park on Tuesday with more than 500 people in attendance, according to event organizers. After a brief speech, she called on audience members, taking 13 questions covering a … Continue reading

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Iowa Media Is Biased – No Kidding

Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses have resulted in a type of local media bias that favors Republicans. This became increasingly evident during the 2012 presidential election campaign, when President Obama was without serious opposition among Democrats, and a field … Continue reading

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Gov't Propaganda Okay in U.S.

From Foreign Policy Magazine: U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News To Americans “For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law (the Smith-Mundt Act) prevented the U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, that … Continue reading

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How To Get Equal Air Time During The Last 60 Days

In May of 2012, Media Action Center monitored local talk radio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the Scott Walker recall, and found that WISN and WTMJ radio hosts gave supporters of Scott Walker and the GOP more than one million dollars … Continue reading

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Not “Both Parties” – How Journalistic “Balance” Hurts America

“Public opinion research suggests that citizens have little knowledge or understanding of either the source of our dysfunctional politics or the nature of the Republican policy ambitions.”   link You used to see them on the morning political shows likie Meet … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers Rally Got Free Pass By Des Moines Register

[Update: On Tuesday I was on The Fallon Forum to discuss America’s media problem and my letter to the Des Moines Register about this article. Click here to watch the video/podcast] I grew up reading The Des Moines Register and … Continue reading

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