Odd Observations From Below The Radar

Terry Branstad announced last week that he will push to make Iowa the healthiest state in the country. What’s the plan? Is it universal health care for Iowans? Is it subsidized annual check-ups? Of course not. Looks like the plan is for Branstad to tell Iowans to take a walk. Not a lot different than most Branstad plans. But somehow, I have a feeling that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa will make a few bucks on the deal.

Thanks to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show who watches cable news so I don’t have to. He pointed out last week that the media is disappearing Ron Paul. This is a technique the news channels use to make a candidate seem like they have no possibility of winning anything and so they are not covered. What little reporting there is of the victim in this scenario, highlights something bad such as the infamous ‘Dean Scream.’ (see Thom Hartmann here: videocafe.crooksandliars.com) Do you think the Paulites will scream “Foul?” Will the news media care? His only chance to run for president is as an independent. I encourage him to do so.

Looks like the next Republican hostage opportunity is October 1st. That is the day that the federal gas tax will no longer be in force as of right now. Want money for bridges? Surrender some unions!

Michelle Bachmann says she will bring the price of gas back down below $2/ gallon. The trick here is to rely on Americans ignorance of all things sciencey. How many could actually identify a gallon if they saw it? What if the gallon were made a little smaller? Say the new Bachmann gallon was about half the size of the current gallon?

I figure Rick Perry comes down on the creation side of the debate on how things got started. He surely has evolved little.

Speaking of Perry, after closer scrutiny, Standard & Poore’s has downgraded the ‘Texas Miracle’ to ‘Texas Overblown Propaganda Again.’ Shares are no longer worth even 2 cents worth anymore.

Even though the fair was in Des Moines, it looks like the biggest pile of BS was dumped on Ames again.

Bachmann paid 6,000 to vote for her and only 4,800 did so. I am not even sure how to interpret that one. Something sounds dishonest, but which part?

Chris Christie’s New Jersey government took a big hit by the ratings agency. They must have heard about the ride he took to his son’s baseball game in a brand new state helicopter, followed by the 100 yard limousine trip to the field itself. And the return trip so he could meet with Iowa muckety-mucks.

Christie is trying to bankrupt the public schools in New Jersey, so this will only happen as long as his son attends private schools that can still afford sports.

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