Iowa Woman Arrested, Charged, Tried, For…Voting

kelli griffinWhen we have to rely on the national cable news media to give the appropriate coverage to events happening right here in Iowa, it’s pretty bad.

Thank you, Melissa Harris-Perry and MSNBC reporter Zachary Roth for covering this egregious incident.  The woman in this story was a victim of domestic violence who served 5 years probation for a drug-related crime.  When she successfully completed her sentencing, she set out to put her life back together and to her, that included the civic responsibility of voting.  But instead of being able to move forward with her new life, she was arrested and charged with the crime of voting.

Kelli Griffin had no idea that the law had changed since Branstad got back in office.  Her lawyer had told her her voting rights would be restored. She had no idea it was now illegal in Iowa for people who have served time and who have paid their debt to society, to vote.  She even had to stand trial for making this honest mistake that harmed no one. Fortunately, a jury acquitted her.

This is the work of the Terry Branstad administration.  The irony is he is considered “moderate.”

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