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Thom Hartmann Interview, Part I

If the Iowa precinct caucuses created doubt about the efficacy of our voting process, we are not the only ones with concern. Thom Hartmann, the number one progressive-talk-show host in the United States wrote the book, The Hidden History of … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Hidden History Of The War On Voting

The Hidden History of the War on Voting: Who Stole Your Vote — and How to Get it Back by Thom Hartmann is a quick but important read for people who want or need to review the history and origins … Continue reading

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Important Changes In Early Voting

With Iowa’s new voter ID law the rules changed for early voting. Here’s good information from Johnson County Auditor Travis Weipert about the new rules. I modified the press release to make it applicable statewide. It’s less than 120 days … Continue reading

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Voter Suppression In Iowa

Republicans have taken the effort to suppress voting rights nationwide, including in Iowa. Iowa Republicans have done their part, if not as egregiously as in other states. They would do more to suppress voting rights if they controlled our bicameral … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be A Progressive?

Paul Deaton wrote this book review for The Prairie Progressive.  Published here with permission. Who is a progressive? Who is a “real” progressive? Who will continue a progressive legacy after the 2016 election? Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated what … Continue reading

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Iowa Woman Arrested, Charged, Tried, For…Voting

When we have to rely on the national cable news media to give the appropriate coverage to events happening right here in Iowa, it’s pretty bad. Thank you, Melissa Harris-Perry and MSNBC reporter Zachary Roth for covering this egregious incident.  … Continue reading

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Prisoners And Voting

With just five percent of the world’s population, the U.S. has 25 percent of its prisoners. We have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Since 1972, America’s prison population has increased sevenfold. Most of the commentary … Continue reading

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Sen. Mike Gronstal Attends 50-State Voting Rights Policy Summit

“Being among the top five states in the nation for voter turnout, Iowa is a unique position when it comes to ensuring access to the polls,” said Iowa State Senator Mike Gronstal (D – Council Bluffs), Voting Rights Project Task … Continue reading

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Voting Rights and the March on Washington

(Editor’s Note: Ari Berman is a friend of Blog for Iowa, and he passed along this note which may be of interest to readers). Dear Friends, I wanted to pass on a few timely new stories that I thought would … Continue reading

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Suppressing the Vote: New Voter ID Laws

by Ralph Scharnau The great majority of the amendments to the Constitution either assures the recognition of individual rights or extends the franchise.  But we are now in an ugly season of intolerance against workers’ rights, women’s rights, and the … Continue reading

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